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Ford Ranger Weatherstrip Seal

Tips for Maintaining Your Ford Ranger Weatherstrip Seal

The Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal has been playing a vital yet subtle role in keeping your truck cabin free from water droplets. This rubber component wraps around the contours of your doors in an almost air-tight quality. But aside from preventing water from coming inside the cabin, the weatherstrip seal also acts as a cushion and noise muffler, so you really benefit from this original equipment part of your pick-up truck. While the rubber should last you a good number of years, you should be proactive in keeping it in its best shape. You won't regret taking these simple and easy measures. Here are some tips in maintaining your Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal.

  • Open the doors and windows to inspect the weatherstrip seal.

The weatherstrip seal is applied to areas in your truck where there are openings. It acts as the buffer component for water, particles, and noise that might be encountered during your drives. To have an idea how much dirt and grime your weatherstrip has accumulated, you would have to open your truck's doors and windows for inspection.

  • Prepare your truck for weatherstrip seal cleaning.

Cleaning your Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal can be done after your car wash or on its own. Either way, you should prepare your truck properly for the cleaning. You have to make sure that the doors and windows are cleared from any contraptions and equipment that can hinder you from cleaning the weatherstrip seal. You should also take note if there are any protruding bolts or other mounts near those areas. Removing them can ease your way around later.

  • Scrub and wipe your weatherstrip seal using a sponge or cloth.

To clean your weatherstrip seal, you will have to use a sponge or cloth soaked in your car shampoo solution. You can also soak it in water but the car shampoo can be helpful. Wring out the excess to avoid dripping over your interior as you do your cleaning. Carefully scrub the weatherstrip seal as you follow the contours of the door and window frames. Go back and forth until you have thoroughly cleaned out all the dirt and grime from it.

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  • How to Troubleshoot Your Ford Ranger Weatherstrip Seal

    You have to face the fact that the Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal is prone to encounter issues and eventually wear out. While you may be proactive in taking care of your rubber component, outside elements can work their way into developing problems for you. But there is still a ray of hope. If you know where and what to look at, you will be able to identify upcoming problems for the Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal. This is why we want to help you get to know your truck even further. The weatherstrip seal is essential but is often taken for granted. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot your Ford Ranger weatherstrip seal.

    Check for the integrity of all the weatherstrip seal mounts.

    In specific areas of the weatherstrip seal, there are mounting clips which attach to designated points in the frame of your truck. You should do routine checks on these points to ensure that everything is still holding up in the respective places. Keeping the weatherstrip seal in place is vital in keeping your truck weatherproof inside. Not only will a dismounted weatherstrip seal let water leak into your cabin, but it can also prevent you from closing the doors properly.

    Check for the condition of the rubber.

    Rubber can turn brittle, break, and warp over time. It can be caused by a lot of factors including extreme heat, chemicals, harmful particles, and corrosive materials. If that happens, your weatherstrip seal loses its capability in protecting your cabin from the weather. You should have a watchful eye for these signs. While there can be temporary remedies for that, it would be best for you to replace the weatherstrip seal once this kind of issue manifests.

    Spray water directly on the spaces between the doors and body frame.

    If you are in doubt if your weatherstrip seal still works, then do a water test. Spray a constant stream of water to the areas while the doors are closed. Have a buddy stay inside your car to monitor if any water droplets get inside. Also, tell your buddy to have a cloth handy just in case the water leaks through the doors and windows. But let's hope that it doesn't.