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Ford Ranger Windshield Visor

Diagnosing Problems with Your Ford Ranger Windshield Visor-and What to Do

When you want to keep the sun out of your eyes while driving but don't want to hinder visibility completely, then a Ford Ranger windshield visor was an investment you didn't regret. These simple, versatile attachments are affordable, easy to mount, and highly effective. If you spent a lot of time taking care of them, they should last you a very long time. If yours is getting on in years or you simple started noticing problems with it, then it's about time that you commit to simple troubleshooting. Here are the most common hiccups that the windshield visor experiences, and some simple things you can do to deal with them:

Sagging visors

A loosely sagging visor is a terrible sight to behold. Not only is there a danger of it falling off and ruining itself-there's also a good chance that it can crack and damage the windshield as it falls. This is the most extreme state that you could find your visor in, and implies a fault with the mounting tape or neglect on the part of the driver. Either way, it's pretty clear when it's sagging. While you might think that the best option is to apply glue or reinforce the mounting, it's altogether better to simple replace the windshield visor completely. Using any kind of glue or epoxy to reinforce it in place only makes it harder to remove later-not to mention that it damages your windshield as well.

Creaks and noises

This symptom is usually encountered well before the first-in effect: you have time to deal with the problem before it gets worse. Again, the fault usually lies with a weakness with the mounting time. Once you notice that the sounds are coming from the visor, check the length of the attachment point for any visible weaknesses. If the damage is not so severe, a little application of putty will help to bolster the hold of the mounting tape, and allow you to continue to use it. Putty is a good choice because it isn't a permanent hold and can be removed later.

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  • Top Tips for Keeping Your Ford Ranger Windshield Visor in the Best Shape 27 February 2013

    Anyone who has ever had to drive through glare will tell you that it isn't the most pleasant of driving experiences-in some cases, it can even be downright dangerous. Enter the windshield visor: the simples of attachments for your mighty Ford Ranger that gives you a clear view of the road ahead while keeping the sun away from your eyes. Depending on the design, these simple parts can block up to 50% of the sun's rays, letting you enjoy your adventure with the comfort of knowing that you are safe and glare-free. Like all things, your windshield visor needs a lot of tending-to to make sure that it lasts you a very long time. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your Ford Ranger windshield visor in the best condition:

    Check the stability.

    While the method of attachment of your windshield visor is very stable and secure, it still does you a lot of good to inspect it as often as you can to make sure that it stays in place. The mounting tape normally used to hold the visor in place is industrial-grade and designed to last for years without trouble. Still, it pays to take note of the measurement and rough appearance of the gap between visor and windshield. If, at anytime, you notice that it is widening, or that the visor is starting to sag a little bit, you should look to replace the whole thing. We do not recommend using epoxy to glue the visor in place as this might make it impossible to remove the visor should you want to do so later on.

    Clean it and coat it.

    It's very important that you always include the windshield visor when you thoroughly clean your truck. Be very careful when cleaning near the attachment points, however, as you might weaken the hold of the mounting tape on the windshield. Wiping the visor with a clean, damp cloth should do the trick. After you clean and dry it, applying weather and water-proof wax helps to protect the surface of your visor from the elements.