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Ford Speed Sensor

In a vehicle, speed signals are being utilized by two of its most significant systems: ABS or anti-lock braking system, and the engine system. Basically, the two kinds function with the same goal: to collect and send data for the two systems to operate properly and accurately. The device that is assigned with this task is called speed sensor. As the name suggests, a speed sensor will gauge the information or data gathered so that it will send proper signal. When one or both speed sensors are defective or malfunctioning, the computer will be permitted to execute with miscalculated risks. Miscalculated risks are enough reason for increasing chances of road misfortunes. To prevent this, it is best that the speed sensors of your vehicle is constantly checked and maintained.

In the case of anti-lock braking system of your Ford, a speed sensor is used to gauge acceleration, braking distances, cornering forces, and lap times. The ABS is mostly active when the wheels are skidding. In any road event, sudden skidding is always dangerous. During this situation, it is important that the drivers are always alert and quick with corresponding actions. But even this is not an assurance that one is going to succeed in extracting himself out of the danger if the speed sensor is not properly working. This is because the ABS will require proper rotational speed information of the wheels, from which this should be provided by the speed sensor, in order for the system to pick the impulses and release more traction.

In the engine system, the speed sensor also gathers information but this time its main job is to calculate engine speed through the impulses from the toothed signal crankshaft. Its objective is to control engine timing, automatic transmission shift points and fuel delivery. It is mounted through the crankshaft in which the data that it will gather will be delivered to the engine control unit computer. The same with ABS, if the speed sensor of your Ford's engine is not working properly road danger will be inevitable as it could send the wrong signal prompting more miscalculated risks.

From the roles cited above for this device, it is an immediate fact that both Ford speed sensors should be accorded with proper care and maintenance. Not only will it spare you from meeting road dangers but saving you your time and money in the long run.