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Ford Taurus Blower Motor

Diagnosing Your Ford Taurus Blower Motor

You wouldn't want to drive out in extreme weather in your Taurus with a broken A/C, especially when you're in for a long trip. If you notice that nothing's blowing out from your A/C, then you probably have a faulty or broken blower motor. As it name suggests, this particular component is responsible for blowing out hot or cold air from your vehicle's air conditioner. Learn to troubleshoot this part properly so you could have it fixed or replaced immediately. Check out our guide to find out how.

Blown fuse

As with any component that's powered by your vehicle's battery, you'd want to check the fuse of your Ford Taurus blower motor first before you check other parts. Simply open your car's fuse box to find and replace the blown fuse. Start your vehicle and test your blower motor to see if this has solved the problem. To avoid this issue in the future, you'd want to find out why your fuse went out. Most of the time, this is due to an improperly ground wire or even faulty wiring. You can check your wires using a test light or have a professional diagnose it for you instead.

Fan speed only works on high

Another common problem with blower motors is that some will not work unless you set the fan speed on its highest setting. If this is the problem, then you most likely have a burnt out resistor that's affecting your blower motor. This particular resistor is usually installed inside the ductwork near your blower motor and is fairly easy to replace. Simply disconnect the electrical connections and loosen the screws from the old resistor module, swap in a replacement, and you're done!

Noisy blower

A noisy blower can be a sign that it's about to wear out and that you have to replace it before it breaks down completely. You'll have to open your vehicle's glove compartment and open the panel to reach the blower motor itself so you can inspect it for any problems. You would also want to inspect the vents of your air conditioning system to see if anything is blocking it from the inside. Unfortunately, worn out blower motors can't be repaired. So if you've narrowed down your problem to a broken blower, then you'll have to replace it entirely.

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  • How to Keep Your Ford Taurus Blower Motor Running Like New

    Keeping your Taurus' air conditioner running in top shape is essential when you live in extreme climates. You wouldn't want your A/C to stop running during summer or have your heater conk out in the middle of winter. Your car's A/C is fairly easy to maintain, but remember to look after specific parts like the blower motor to make sure that everything else would run smoothly. Since your Ford Taurus blower motor is responsible for blowing hot or cold air into your vehicle's cabin, then you're surely notice a problem once it stops working. Follow our simple maintenance guide and you're sure to keep your blower motor running like new for a very long time.

    Clear out any debris from your blower motor

    You wouldn't want any debris cluttering up inside your blower motor, so it's best that you keep it clean by removing any debris inside. You'll need to gain access to your blower motor, so check your vehicle's manual so you could find it. You might need to remove your blower motor temporarily from its mount to clean it too. Simply use a small brush or a can of compressed air to clean the fins of the blower motor and you're good to go.

    Oil your bearings

    Like most spinning parts, you'll want your blower motor to be properly lubricated all the time. You'll need to place a small amount of oil in the blower motor bearings to keep it spinning well. Make sure that you clean it before hand so that dirt wouldn't stick to the oil and end up in the bearings instead.

    Check your electric connections

    You'd want to make sure that all the wires and connections of your blower motor are connected properly. A loose wire or ground can cause a short circuit or a blown fuse. If this happens, simply open your fuse box and replace the fuse for your blower motor.

    Preventive maintenance

    Unfortunately, even if you stick to a regular maintenance schedule, your blower motor will fail after a couple of years and would need to be replaced. You wouldn't want it to give up while you're in the middle of a trip, so make sure that you have it replaced beforehand when it's already showing signs of wearing out. A simple test using a diagnostic tool can help you determine if you need to replace your Ford Taurus blower motor anytime soon.