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Ford Taurus Bumper Cover

Ford Taurus Bumper Cover: Maintenance Tips for Beginners

The bumper cover of the Ford Taurus can look brand new for a couple of years or all banged up in just a year; it all depends on how well this part is maintained. Without proper care and cleaning, the bumper cover will quickly age from damaging elements as well as from bodily damage. To help you up, here's a list down of some simple maintenance tips that you can use on your Ford Taurus bumper cover:

  • Wash the bumper covers properly.

Cleaning the bumper cover regularly can keep it looking spotless, but how you clean it is essential to its effectiveness. For starters, it is highly recommended to use car shampoo and similar cleaning products formulated for washing cars, as dish soap and other kinds of detergent found in your home might strip away the protective coating of the bumper cover's surface. In addition, it is also not advised to scrub dirt off the bumper cover with a brush or a sponge, as these can be rough on the bumper surface and leave scratches behind. Use a wash mitt or a microfiber cloth instead.

  • For minor scratches, use rubbing compound.

From rocks kicked up by the wheels to poor parking jobs, the location of the bumper cover makes it especially prone to scratches. But if the scratch did not go through the paint, you might be able to fix it using rubbing compound. Choose a compound that's closest to the color of your bumper and apply it in small amounts onto the scratch using a paper towel. Next, buff the area in a circular motion using a microfiber towel or a car fiber. Once the scratch has been smoothed out, apply car wax to further eliminate the scratch.

  • Use hot water to fix dents.

Aside from scratches, dents are another constant foe of bumper covers. If the dent is relatively small, boil a kettle of water and pour it over the damaged area. The sudden heat will allow the bumper cover material to expand, making it easier to pop the dent back to its original shape. Once the bumper cover has popped back into place, pour cold water over the area to contract the cover material.

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  • Tips on Mounting a New Ford Taurus Bumper Cover in Place

    Your Ford Taurus bumper cover complements the car's streamlined appearance and helps absorb damage from a collision. So when it gets broken beyond repair, it has to be replaced immediately. Thankfully, replacing the Ford Taurus bumper cover has become a lot easier over the years, with many stores now having replacement bumpers in stock as well as the simplified designs of bumpers for models produced in the last decade. If you're installing your bumper cover all by yourself, here are some tips Ford Taurus owners like you might find helpful:

    Tip #1: Smooth out any imperfections by wet-sanding them.

    If you received your new bumper straight from the manufacturer, it's likely to be unpainted (although with a coat of primer) and have bumps and rough spots left over from the molding process. These imperfections will still be noticeable after painting the bumper, so make sure to wet sand it first before painting. Start with 600-grit sandpaper and slowly work your way up to 1000 grit. Make sure to rinse the bumper with water to prevent any sanding residue from mixing with the paint.

    Tip #2: Invest in a plastic rivet remover.

    Aside from bolts, the bumper cover is also secured onto the frame with plastic rivets. These rivets can be pried off using a screwdriver, but this tends to damage the rivets in the process. Use a plastic river remover, instead. Also known as a plastic trim clip removal tool, the rivet remover safely pries off the plastic rivets without damaging them. These specialized tools are often found in auto parts and hardware stores for 10 bucks or less.

    Tip #3: When mounting the new bumper cover, work on one side at a time.

    Secure all the bolts and clips on either the left or right side of the bumper first before moving on to the other side. This way, it will be easier for you to detect any missing or misaligned fasteners and fix them. Have someone hold the other end of the bumper cover as well when securing one side to ensure proper alignment and to prevent the cover from accidentally falling off.