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Ford Taurus Door Lock Actuator

Ford Taurus Door Lock Actuator: Unlocking Some Door Lock Problems

What's worse than having your keys, your baby, or even your dog locked inside your car? Nothing, right? But come on. This scenario happens anytime, anywhere. If you experience this for the first time, you might find yourself smashing your window just because your Ford Taurus' door lock actuator has failed. This component enables you to lock and unlock each of your vehicle's doors, so you can't afford to have it all messed up. Before you end up getting that baseball bat from your garage, here are some troubleshooting tips that you can use for some of your Ford Taurus door lock actuator problems:

Inoperative door lock

If your door lock has been acting up recently, then you must act immediately. If it won't lock, then you are at risk of having your car ransacked or carnapped. On the other hand, if it won't unlock, then you might accidentally get locked up inside your car. When the door lock actuator doesn't have enough power to operate the lock, it will surely fail. So when this happens, check the door lock actuator's power. Using a multimeter, measure the voltage of the door lock actuator while it is in the 'lock' position. If it is greater than 10 volts, you need to replace it with a new one. But if it is less than 10 volts, then it still is pretty much repairable. You can have it checked or replaced by your local mechanic.

One of four locks won't work

Imagine yourself getting in your vehicle's passenger side door and squeezing in just to get to the driver's seat. Two words: bothering and shameful. If only one out of the four door locks of your Ford Taurus isn't working, and the door switch is working fine, then you better check the wirings. The door locks may not be receiving sufficient voltage because there is a problem with the wiring or the door lock actuator. Keep in mind that one bad actuator can cause the entire door lock system to fail. Check it for signs of corrosion or mechanical failure. Replace the defective door lock actuator immediately with a new one to avoid further problems.

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  • Ford Taurus Door Lock Actuator: Tips to Keep it from Wearing Out

    Have you ever experienced the horror of sitting inside your parked Ford Taurus, and just when you are about to get out, you realized that all your doors are dead-bolted shut? Whether you are claustrophobic or not, getting into this situation could be very traumatic. Don't worry, though. An evil spirit or a boogeyman isn't playing on you. It's just that, your door lock actuator has failed. It is the part that enables you to lock and unlock your door. So before this happens, here are some tips on how you can take care of your Ford Taurus' door lock actuator:

    Keep it clean and oiled.

    Inside the door lock actuator are small metallic components that are expected to wear out due to frequent use and corrosion. Keeping them clean and well-lubricated is enough to make the actuator last longer than its expected service life. When cleaning it, you need to remove it from the assembly first. Make sure to do this carefully to avoid damaging it. Clean the small parts up to the corners to ensure that dirt buildup will not cause it to become stuck. Apply silicone-based lubricant to ensure that it will operate smoothly and to prevent it from rusting.

    Don't abuse.

    Since the door lock actuator is composed of small parts, using the door locks with much force could damage it. Operate the door locks carefully or use the remote. This way, the actuator will not wear out easily and become defective. Also, if it is already in a bad condition, one that is beyond repair, then do not hesitate to replace it with a new part. Keeping a faulty actuator would only make matters worse, and it may even damage your car's other components.

    Check for corrosion.

    Rust is a common suspect when it comes to worn-out car parts. Dirt and moisture can easily penetrate on your vehicle's door lock actuator and cause its metallic parts to corrode. Before this happens, apply rust-proofing to all its steel components. Also check for rust spots and remove them immediately using a sand paper. A rusty actuator is more prone to getting stuck and becoming inoperative.