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Ford Windstar Headlight Assembly

Usual Troubles Encountered with a Ford Windstar Headlight

The headlight assembly of your Ford Windstar is designed to meet the safety rules and regulations for vehicles. However, through time and constant use, it will eventually show signs of wearing down and may fail to meet the standards. Since it is your duty as the car owner to maintain the headlight assembly of your car, you should do some troubleshooting if you already notice that it is not working properly. Listed below are some usual problems you might encounter:

Headlights stay on even when the car is not running.

If the headlights of your car remain on even when the car is switched off, then it is very possible that a faulty headlight switch is the cause of the problem. However, if your vehicle has daytime running lights, then its module could be another possible culprit. Try to unplug the daytime running lights module of your car and see if the headlights turn-off. If the headlights remain on, then you already need to replace the faulty headlight switch.

The headlight switch needs to be put on highest setting to work.

It is dangerous to constantly drive with high-beam lights on because the glare could be really blinding to other vehicles on the road. You should immediately check the headlight and the daytime running light fuses because one of these could be the cause of the problem. Test each fuse using a Volt-Ohm meter or a test light. If there is power on both fuses, then the headlight switch is the only remaining possible cause you need yo diagnose.

Low-beam lights are not functioning.

To check the problem of your vehicle's low-beam lights, the first thing you need to do is to determine if the high-beam and low-beam lights share the same ground. You should get a copy of the wiring diagram of your vehicle's make and model to be sure. If they don't share the same ground, then you can look for new bulbs and see if they work. If they do, then you should determine the location of the fuse for the low beam lights. You should also check the module of the daytime running lights that's located at the front engine compartment. The problem may come from the module especially for Ford Windstar models that have automatic low beams.

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  • Three Simple Ways to Maintain Your Ford Windstar Headlight Assembly

    It is important to keep your Ford Windstar headlight assembly in good condition because it prevents the possibility of accidents at night time due to low road visibility. However, the service life of the headlight assembly is limited, and it will soon show signs of wearing down because of constant use. The only way you can maximize the usage of the headlight assembly is by keeping it well-maintained, and here are some simple ways that can help you do that:

    Clean your car's headlight assembly on a regular basis.

    To keep the headlights of your Ford Windstar looking brand new every day, you have to clean it regularly. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt on the headlight assembly's surface and the discoloration of its lens. There are two ways to keep the headlight assembly clean without spending too much on cleaning materials. One is by rubbing regular toothpaste with a clean rag on the assembly's surface, and the other is by applying an aluminum polishing compound. Just make sure you wash the headlight assembly first with soap and water, and wipe them dry afterwards.

    Restore a discolored headlight assembly.

    The plastic surface of the Ford Windstar headlight assembly will eventually discolor because of its constant exposure to the sun. As a possible result, the light emitted by the bulb can be severely reduced. A simple restoration process of wet sanding the headlight assembly can remove the discoloration effectively. You should use fine sandpaper between 1000- to 2000-grit. To protect the paint of the car, you need to mask the edges of the headlight assembly before you begin.

    Inspect the headlight assembly periodically.

    Aside from cleaning the surface of your headlight assembly, you should also inspect the wires and other parts at least once a year. What you need to do is to remove the entire headlight assembly and look for chipped wiring or signs of corrosion. This will prevent problems from happening in the long run. If you already notice chipped wires, you should use electrical tape to cover the exposed portion and then test their voltage using a voltmeter. However, if the damage is irreparable, then you should replace the damaged wires immediately.