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Ford Wiper Arm

Each Ford wiper arm on your vehicle was designed to provide reliable service for years. However, there are circumstances that can cut that service woefully short and require you to replace a Ford wiper arm. Some are unavoidable, such as when the damage results from kids with too much time on their hands turned vandals, yanking random wiper arms for their own inexplicable reasons or from overzealous parking ticket passer-outers, who give the arm an over-excited or joyous yank as they discover one more person who ran three minutes over the parking meter's limit and slide another ticket under another wiper arm. And, then there are the things we do to ourselves, using the Ford wiper arm pair to do things it simply was not designed to do, such as removing the snow from a winter storm. This can damage a Ford wiper arm in a couple of different ways, due to the weight of the snow. The Ford wiper arm can be bent or the gear that allows the motor to move it back and forth can be stripped. Our online catalog features a broad selection of aftermarket parts and accessories, and you'll easily find the right Ford wiper arm replacement for your vehicle. The new Ford wiper arm you receive from us will be affordably priced and made to the same demanding standards as the one that was originally installed on your vehicle. You can expect your Ford wiper arm replacement to last just as long as the original, if of course none of those unavoidable circumstances strike and you use it as it was intended to be used. You can order your Ford wiper arm replacement via our secure site or with a quick toll-free phone call.

Ford Wiper Arm Models