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Breathe in. Peel out. Fram Filters continue to produce high-performance air filters to a wide range of vehicles: sports cars, muscle cars, light trucks or SUV's... name it/ Indeed, cutting-edge technology and industry experience has put Fram Filters as one of the industry's leaders in the air filter market.

Since engines require 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of air to burn a gallon of fuel, Fram Filters have the capacity to allow good air flow without sacrificing the correct fuel-to-air ratio. Coupled with Fram's high-quality material of round and synthetic fibers, the Fram Extra Life III with Triad technology signals the dawning of a new breakthrough in automotive air filters.

Fram Air Hog Filters is a high-performance air filter that "hogs" all the air available. The greater the airflow to the engine, the greater the horsepower and acceleration. Compared to conventional disposable paper filters, Fram Air Hog Filters have the 4-layer cotton gauze material to enhance engine performance. The increased airflow with Fram Air Filters can result to greater horsepower and acceleration for better vehicle performance. A Fram Filter is washable and reusable with its washable cotton fiber and metal screen construction.

Your vehicle needs all the air, not only to breathe but also to optimize its efficiency and save fuel as well. Fram Filters have always been a breathe of fresh air.

Fram Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Fram Product, For the Right Job

    "Filters should take the abuse, not your engines." This is an advice from Fram, the expert in filter technology. True to that, it's the purpose of employing filters in the engine. They are supposed to trap macro elements to micro organisms to keep them from seeping into the engine and imperil its operations. But then, there's the concern of high-flow restriction, starving the engine, if the filter is a multi-membrane thing doing its function thoroughly. Fram guarantees their filters to clean every element going in your engine, air, fuel, or oil, without restricting free flow.

    Best example to this is the Fram oil filter that cleans the engine parts maintaining oil from metal shavings and other harmful particulates. These unwanted elements may basically have flown with the oil during its circulation in the valvetrain, cleaning and refreshing the engine parts. This filtering function is achieved through Fram's advanced engine protection filter constructions. Each product is made from mixture of high-grade cellulose and blended media of synthetic glass fiber. The result is 95% efficiency of dirt trapping action and high flow.

    The same technology is true with the Fram fuel filter; except that this type of filter is manufactured in different configurations to meet demanding engine constructions. Fram offers steel in-line conductive filters, as well as plastic ones for both domestic and import vehicle makes. These filters are also applicable to oxygenated fuels, the way it is to fuel injection system types. With these state-of-the-art choices, Fram will definitely cover your engine from any impending damages. In fact, these filters plus the Fram PCV valve added to the system will surely help the engine optimize its power operation.