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FTE automotive is a renowned international manufacturer of hydraulic brake and clutch systems for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company has been in the business for more than 60 years now and has continuously innovated to bring its customers with new and better products. The company has also utilized only the most advanced technology in the production of their products in order to provide the world with the best and the safest hydraulic brake and clutch systems. This is actually part of the company's mission, which is to continuously improve brake and clutch system's engineering as it drive innovation in the automotive industry.

How do hydraulic brake and clutch systems work? The clutch slave cylinder is directly link to the manual transmission casing. This is also the reason why when the clutch pedal is pressed, the pressure generated by clutch master cylinder is applied to the clutch slave cylinder. This then results to the clutch disengaging. The clutch master cylinder is responsible for operating the clutch assembly by means of generating hydraulic pressure. On the other hand, the clutch assembly has two basic functions and these are: to transmit power generated by the engine to the gearbox and to interrupt the flow of power whenever the clutch is depressed. Unfortunately, prolonged usage of the vehicle can damage the clutch slave cylinder and the clutch master cylinder. Once this happens, replacement parts are going to be required. High quality replacements such as the FTE clutch slave cylinder and FTE clutch master cylinder are the best options.

In terms of the brake master cylinder, its function is to hold the fluid that initiates the operation of the entire braking system. Highly pressurized hydraulic brake fluid activates the pistons and the brake calipers once the brake pedal is depressed. To ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of brake fluid the brake master cylinder make sure that the fluid is tightly contained in place. But just like the rest of components in the vehicle, the brake master cylinder also wear out and a topnotch FTE brake master cylinder can help you fixed it.