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Fuel Door Bumper

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Safety and streamlining-these are the two main purposes of the fuel door bumper. Take a look at your fuel door. Chances are, thousands of times of being handled and knocked on by gasoline attendants have forced it out of alignment with the rear quarter panel.Even worse, the door could already be sticking out, providing little cover for the fuel filler cap. Not only does this make the door look awkward, it also increases the risk of objects coming into contact with the fuel filler cap. A fuel door bumper should fix it.The bumper keeps the fuel door structure intact, making it easier to close fuel door. With this bumper, you can be sure that the door to your car's fuel tank can be easily shut, helping you avoid fuel-related accidents.Carparts offers fuel door bumpers for your safety.

• Cushions against excessive force on the fuel door

• Keeps the fuel door aligned with the rear quarter panel

• Available for various car makes and models