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Fuel Pump Relay

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If starting up your car's engine is taking longer than usual, then maybe it's time you checked on the fuel pump relay. This plastic-encased unit is usually located near the steering column, under your car's dashboard.The relay's main job is to power the fuel pump once you turn the key in the ignition. Once the engine is cranked up and working, the relay shuts down and the pump gets driven by the oil pressure sending unit.So if you're having a hard time cranking the engine, there's a big possibility that the fuel pump relay isn't routing electric current to the fuel pump. In turn, the pump doesn't send fuel to the engine for combustion. As a result, the engine's response to your turning of the key is delayed.Replacing the damaged fuel pump relay would restore quick engine start-ups for your car. You can even do the job yourself. Just make sure you get a topnotch pump relay to equip your car with. Carparts has plenty of these in stock.

• Ensures quick engine startups

• Helps the engine control unit initially drive the fuel pump

• Guaranteed to switch the fuel pump on and off