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Additional horsepower is inexpensive, if you know how and where to get it from. Among the most apparent ways is by perking the air intake up. Standard air intakes employ restrictive air boxes under the hood. Upgrading to newer air intake technology, like the ones from Fujita, will eliminate this restriction and the result will be free flow of colder, denser air into the engine. The Fujita short ram intake will eventually result to improved engine operations and thus, increased mileage and engine efficiency.

But Fujita technology is more than just air intakes; it is the leading manufacturer of very important automobile parts like oil filler caps and intercooler pipes. The Fujita oil filler cap is a high-grade product that is designed to primarily contain the cooling oil in its reservoir. With this function is the capacity of this durable cap to stop eventual oil evaporation and thus, oil loss. And since engine oil is the cooling element for all engine working parts, the low oil amount in the system will ultimately result to maintenance deprivation on these engine parts.

Fujita is also a known brand on most modified engine rebuilding institutes for their intercooler pipes. The Fujita intercooler pipe is a performance cooling pipe for charged engines. It offers the combination of heat-dissipating performance and performance-look that are rarely characterized in one device. This is achieved by the fusion of well-selected materials and stringent manufacturing processes that Fujita experts have upheld throughout the years. Backed with these years of experience, the throng of experts, and dedication to manufacturing excellence, the brand has earned its success.