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Geo Metro Control Arm

Top Geo Metro Control Arm Problems and the Reasons behind Them

Staying true to its name, the Geo Metro control arm works just like an arm that connects your vehicle's steering wheel to the hubs of the tires. This wishbone-like component also controls the movements of the wheels in accordance with the road condition and the motion of the steering wheel. With old age and too much use, your vehicle's control arm and its bushings will eventually deteriorate fail. You will know when your Geo Metro control arm assembly is about to retire when you see the following problems:

Excessive vibration

Does your steering wheel vibrate everytime you surf the freeways in high speed? Does it shake when you step on the brake pedal? If your Geo Metro is having these problems, your vehicle's control arm is probably in trouble. Apart from the unnecessary shaking of the steering wheel, excessive movement of the wheels themselves also indicates a bad control arm. All these problems usually occur when your Geo Metro control arm is bent or worn out. These could also result from rust-infested or torn control arm bushings. The only way to get rid of these unnecessary steering wheel and tire movements is by replacing the damaged control arm and/or control arm bushings.


Do you often hear noises from your suspension system when you turn the steering wheel? Do you feel embarrassed everytime you park your vehicle or when you drive through slow traffic because your Geo Metro produces squeaking, grinding, whining, rattling, or clunking noise? Although these annoying noises may indicate other suspension problems, it is still highly possible for the control arm and its bushings to cause these sounds. When the bushings go bad, your Geo Metro control arm can move freely under your vehicle. Its movements cause it to tap or bang against the other suspension system components. This tapping or banging produces the annoying sounds you hear when you make a turn or drive in lower speeds. For this problem, replacing the worn-out bushings is the only solution.

Other troubleshooting tips

To effectively diagnose other Geo Metro control arm problems, you must test-drive your vehicle for a couple of hours. Pay attention to the movement and response of the steering wheel and the suspension system everytime you make a turn. If you notice impreciseness or looseness in cornering, or if you often experience vague steering, your vehicle's control arm bushings definitely need to be replaced. Other signs you need to watch out for include misaligned wheels and uneven tire tread wear.

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  • Helpful Tips in Keeping Your Geo Metro Control Arm in Tiptop Shape

    Don't you just hate it when your suspension system squeaks or rattles everytime you step on the brake pedal or whenever you make a turn? Also, aren't you sick and tired of the steering wheel's shaking and vibration as you drive your Metro in high speeds? You wouldn't have to worry about all these if you just made an effort to keep your Geo Metro control arm in tiptop shape. If you don't want to continue having these control arm problems, follow these helpful maintenance tips:

    Inspect the control arm assembly for damage.

    The deterioration rate of your Geo Metro control arm depends on your vehicle's daily driving environment. If your road surfer is regularly exposed to harsh driving conditions, chances are high that your control arm and its bushings are wearing out rapidly. To closely monitor the condition of your vehicle's control arm assembly, regular inspection is a must. Frequently checking the control arm and the control arm bushings for damage allows you to replace a broken or bent control arm even before it causes your steering wheel and tires to vibrate excessively. It also gives you the chance to replace torn or worn-out bushings, which helps in preventing your suspension system from making rattling, squeaking, or grinding noise.

    Clean the control arm and its bushings.

    Due to its location on your vehicle's undercarriage, keeping the control arm clean is a tough challenge. However, if getting your hands (and clothes) dirty can help you extend the service life of your Geo Metro control arm assembly, it's a sacrifice you should be willing to make. There are a lot of ways to clean the control arm and its bushings. Some DIYers recommend sandblasting, while others opt to soak these suspension system components in hot water and dish detergent. If you have extra budget to spare, you may want to check out some commercial cleaning agents in your local car accessories store. These special solutions are capable of removing and/or preventing rust buildup and corrosion, which is very helpful in keeping the control arm and control arm bushings in excellent condition.

    Grease the control arms and the control arm bushings.

    Just like any other mechanical parts, your Geo Metro control arm requires regular lubrication to ensure its optimum condition and performance. You can use a grease gun and a tube of red bearing grease to finish the job. Aside from red bearing grease, you may also use white lithium grease. Other DIYers go for commercial grease fittings that are directly installed on their vehicle's control arms to always keep them lubricated. For best results, it is highly recommended to grease the control arm assembly during your vehicle's scheduled oil changes.