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Geo Metro Timing Belt Kit

Problems Encountered with a Faulty Geo Metro Timing Belt Kit

The timing of the valves in your Geo Metro's engine is controlled by the timing belt kit. Despite of being small in size, the timing belt is a crucial part of your car's engine. Aside from improving your vehicle's fuel efficiency, it is also the one responsible for keeping the motor running properly. Wrapped around a set of gears in front of the engine, this belt makes sure that the opening and closing of fuel valves are in perfect timing. If this belt breaks, your car's engine will be at risk of the damaging consequences. The fact that timing belts are not exactly the most durable parts and that they will wear out eventually, it would help a lot to make yourself familiar with the common signs that your car's timing belt is experiencing problems.

Too much exhaust emission

If you notice that your Geo Metro is spewing out more than a typical amount of exhaust, then there is something wrong going on with your timing belt. Excessive exhaust is usually caused by a worn-out timing belt. This problem may mess up the engine's function, lead to improper combustion, and produce too much exhaust smoke.

Engine noise

Another problem indicator that you have to watch out for is the engine noise. If you can hear clanking sounds, your timing belt could be worn out or loose. A noise of this kind only means that your timing belt is no longer in its top condition. This problem could be caused by friction, heat, and unpredictable weather conditions. These are the most common factors that contribute to the wearing and tearing out of a car component. Have your timing belt checked, repaired, or replaced immediately before it snaps and cause major damage.

Engine leakage

A leaky engine is a sure sign that your Geo Metro's old timing belt is worn out. Timing belts will degrade eventually due to hot temperatures and exposure to motor oil. This usually leads oil leaking in the engine and around the crankshaft or camshaft. Have your timing belt replaced immediately once you spot this problem to avoid bigger engine problems.

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  • Ways to Keep your Geo Metro Timing Belt Kit in Good Condition

    A timing belt kit in its top condition will not only improve your Geo Metro's fuel efficiency, it will also keep your vehicle's motor running. This component that is wrapped around a series of gears is what controls the timing of the valves in your car's engine. It ensures that the opening and closing of fuel valves are in perfect timing. A broken timing belt may not only cause major damage on your engine, but it may also cause your car to break down while in the middle of driving. That is why, just like any other car component, your timing belt should be kept in good condition at all times.

    Keep the tensioner in good condition.

    To ensure that your Geo Metro's timing belt is in good condition at all times, make sure that the other components that it's working with are also doing good. The timing belt is kept moving at a consistent pace with the help of a timing belt tensioner. This is a part of the internal combustion engine of a vehicle that connects the timing belt to the crankshaft or camshaft. If the tensioner is worn and damaged, the timing belt will not work properly. Regularly inspect the tensioner and the timing belt together to make sure that nothing will go wrong.

    Perform regular inspection and maintenance.

    Make sure that the timing belt is not overlooked when you are doing a routine maintenance on your car. Timing belt wear and tear will be a lot easier to spot and damage and other major problems will be easily prevented if your car is inspected regularly. Aside from that, it will also save you time and money from expensive repairs.

    Replace other worn-out components.

    The typical lifespan of a timing belt is 60,000 to 105,000 miles depending on your car's make and model as well as the driving conditions and the frequency of maintenance. If your Geo Metro's timing belt has stopped working properly, replace it immediately before it causes more problems in your car's engine. It would also be best to replace the other worn out components in the system when you're replacing your timing belt. Replacing the belt tensioner, water pump, camshaft seals, and thermostat together with the timing belt will save you expensive trips to the auto repair shop.