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Geo Prizm Brake Master Cylinder

How to Identify the Causes of Geo Prizm Brake Master Cylinder Issues

The stopping power of your vehicle greatly depends on the Geo Prizm brake master cylinder. This device controls the amount of hydraulic fluid within the brake system. Under normal driving conditions, this component stays intact and undamaged. However, that's not always the case. Extreme mechanical vibrations and stress can cause the brake master cylinder to crack and experience several problems. These will give you so much trouble, so you better hurry and troubleshoot the problems.


Leak or seepage is the primary brake issue in most Geo Prizms. This usually happens when the brake master cylinder comes off from its proper mounting. This device is typically attached to the brake booster. But because of the car's constant movement, it may come loose. This causes the hydraulic fluid to seep out of the cylinder. To check for leaks, you need to open your hood and check your brake fluid container. If its level seems low even if you just recently added fluid in it, it's possible that there is leak in the system. Inspect the mounting area as well. If you see a little fluid around the cylinder and the brake booster, there's no need to worry because that's normal. A lot of seepage, on the other hand, means that the cylinder is detached from the brake booster.


Bypass is a kind of leak that usually occurs inside the brake master cylinder. This particular brake issue causes the brake pedal to sink. Once you encounter this, you have to carefully inspect the sealing cup of the brake master cylinder. A damaged seal is the major culprit behind this problem. Install new seals and re-bleed the cylinder to restore the normal operation of your brakes.


Brakes that apply automatically is a grave danger for you. This can happen when the vent port in the cylinder is clogged. A blocked port would not allow the brake fluid to flow through the hoses. When the fluid gets stuck, it can heat up and trigger the brakes to operate even when they're not needed. If you keep on experiencing this trouble, you need to buy a repair kit that can help you take out the blockage from your brake master cylinder. This kit is available at any local auto parts store.

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  • Five Simple Ways to maintain your Geo Prizm Brake Master Cylinder

    When you're driving on the road, your life greatly depends on the power of your Geo Prizm brake master cylinder. It slows down and stops your vehicle so you won't hit people, animals, and other things on the highway. If you value your own safety, then you should realize how important this car component is. You must do the necessary things to ensure its proper functioning. In maintaining your brake master cylinder, you must perform the following care tips:

    Inspect the brake master cylinder periodically.

    Regular inspection of every part of the brake master cylinder is the most basic maintenance tip. It is the best preventative measure to avoid costly repairs in the future. By examining each part, you'll know right away if there is an existing problem. Right then and there, you can apply the appropriate repair solution that will bring back your cylinder's top condition. Make it a habit to check your brake master cylinder every once in a while.

    Handle the brake master cylinder with care.

    During repair and cleaning procedures, you are required to remove the brake master cylinder from its mounting location. You should learn how to properly dismount it, so you won't break it. Use pliers to unscrew the bolts with ease. In removing the piston rods, simply slide them out of the cylinder body. Do not apply too much force or else you'll break the brake components.

    Remove damaged components and replace them ASAP.

    Replace any part that is severely damaged by corrosion. This way, rust won't spread out to other metal components. If the broken part is irreparable, install a new brake master cylinder to avoid recurring brake issues.

    Change gaskets regularly.

    You should install new gaskets as often as possible to prevent leaks. Leaving those brittle O-rings in the master cylinder will just create problems in the future. It is also highly recommended to replace all gaskets each time you disassemble or remove the brake master cylinder.

    Keep your master cylinder clean all the time.

    Your brake master cylinder is always exposed to dust and dirt. If you neglect cleaning for a long time, these contaminants will settle and accumulate, causing clogs in your cylinder. Removing dirt is very simple. Use solvent and dry compressed air to wipe out sand particles. Clean the O-rings with hydraulic fluid.