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Geo Prizm Mirror

Common Problems Affecting the Geo Prizm Mirror

Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with problems affecting a Geo Prizm mirror. It helps alert drivers to the presence of other vehicles, preventing accidents that may happen when changing lanes or turning corners. That is why losing one is both frustrating and somewhat dangerous. Here, we'll you show some common problems that may affect you car mirror, along with some ways to diagnose or fix them.

Fogging and moisture buildup

If the climate outside is rather humid or if it starts to rain, moisture may gather on the surface of the mirror, obscuring your view of the mirror's reflection. Some cars are equipped with heated side mirrors that can remedy the situation. For those not blessed with such high-tech solution, what can be done beyond the occasional wiping? Fortunately, chemical applications are available to prevent moisture from gathering on the mirror's surface; raindrops practically just slide down the mirror's surface and fall off, leaving behind little to no moisture at all. The chemicals may wear out after a while, so be sure to reapply them from time to time.

Dirt buildup

Dust, dirt, and grime will eventually find their way to the Prizm's mirror surface. This will eventually obscure the reflections on the mirror's surface, leaving you with almost nothing to see. Once the reflections start to become hazy, the mirror needs to be cleaned. An ammonia and water solution is a pretty good cleaner, while vinegar is an equally good alternative. A good wipe down once in a while will do the job.

Mirror glass rattling in the housing

If the mirror glass starts to wobble and rattle in the house, it means that it is no longer secure. This situation could also lead to decreased visibility of your car's rear since the wobbling also prevents the appearance of a clear reflection. You may need to open up the mirror housing to take a look inside. If the brackets are broken, get a replacement immediately. If the bolts and the screws are loose, just tighten them as needed. For glass mirrors that make use of adhesives. Just reinstall them with a good amount of new glue, and you're good to go.

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  • Geo Prizm Mirror Maintenance Tips for a Safer Ride

    Try changing lanes on a busy freeway or driving in reverse in a pedestrian filled parking lot without the use of your mirrors. They may not be impossible to do, but they'll be incredibly difficult to accomplish. Such is the importance of car mirrors in our everyday life, and that is why you need to have them well maintained all the time. Taking care of the mirrors isn't a chore. Simple inspections and some occasional cleaning is usually all that is needed. Read on to learn some basic Geo Prizm Mirror maintenance tips.

    Inspect the mirrors frequently.

    Imagine trying to exit the freeway from the middle lane when your side mirror pops out. You try to enter the next lane, but a vehicle always zooms by at the last minute. If you had only checked your side mirror previously and noticed that it was wobbly, you wouldn't have had to undergo such a terrifying situation. Always inspect your mirrors before heading out. Be sure to check for damage and ensure that they are still attached securely to your car. If there is a problem with any of the mirrors, try to fix it immediately to prevent any disaster on the road.

    Clean the mirrors when needed.

    Once dust, dirt, and grime start to build up on the surface of your mirror, there will be a noticeable decrease in the clarity of its reflection. That is why it is necessary to clean the mirrors from time to time. Vinegar is a wonderful glass-cleaning alternative. Just dip a rag into it and wipe thoroughly on the surface. Don't bother rinsing it off after. Moisture may also prevent you from seeing the reflection of the mirrors clearly. This can be easily fixed by treating them with anti-fog chemicals to prevent moisture buildup on their surface.

    Replace the car mirrors when necessary.

    Minor damage to the mirror can be repaired; more extensive ones need to be replaced. If your side mirror is broken and in need of immediate replacement, don't wait too long to do so. Saving a few dollars by not purchasing new mirrors is pretty stupid; you risk getting into a major road accident.