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GEO Storm Parts and GEO Storm Accessories

Geo is a short-lived brand of small vehicles sold by the General Motors Corporation from 1989 to 1998. The Geo entire line-up of vehicles was intended to compete with the Japanese import vehicles that have dominated the American auto industry in the late 1980s'. But the result of the project was not as successful as they expect it to be. After 1998, the Chevy division absorbed all of Geo's vehicles and the last car that was originally a Geo, the Prizm, was last sold under the Chevy brand in 2001.

One of the vehicles of Geo that stayed only for a short period of time was the Geo Storm. But in its short time of existence, it has proven its functionality and dependability. Yes, Geo vehicles may be small compared to other automobiles but they have so much to give in line of performance and the Geo Storm is the perfect vehicle that exemplifies that. It's a short-lived vehicle not because of poor performance; in fact Geo Storm vehicles sales were strong. It's just that, the Impulse was discontinued by Isuzu due to slow sales, so Geo have decided to remove the Strom from its line.

The Geo Storm was a small coupe, three-door hatchback which was produced and sold from 1990 to 1993. It patterns an innovated version of the Isuzu Impulse. Like that of the Isuzu impulse, the Storm had a 1.6-liter engine in either 95 horsepower SOHC or 130 horsepower HOHC forms. Though the Impulse was more of a sports car with optional all-wheel-drive, a Lotus-tuned suspension, and a Turbo engine, the Geo Storm has outsold it for several years.

And because Geo History, Geo Storm was short-lived, it is just to maintain and make it a constant presence on the roads if you still own one. With an array of Geo Storm parts offered by auto parts provider, owners of Geo Storm can still make their vehicles continue to live on. Geo Storm replacement parts, Geo Storm body parts, Geo Storm performance parts, Geo Storm aftermarket and OEM parts and even Geo Storm accessories are available in any online auto parts dealer.