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Geo Storm Alternator

Telltale Signs that Show Your Geo Storm Alternator is Defective

The Geo Storm alternator works by generating power for your car together with the battery. It is one of the major parts of the charging system, and is responsible in keeping all of the vehicle's electrical components powered all the time. However, after several months or years of working tirelessly to keep other parts functioning accordingly, the alternator is bound to get defective due to various reasons. And when this happens, the best solution would be to have it replaced at the soonest possible time. In order to know when your alternator is on the verge of dying, here are some of the most common signs you will surely notice:

Difficulty in starting

One of the most manifestations of a faulty alternator is difficulty in starting the engine. Since the engine needs power to bring your car to life, it becomes difficult for it to function if the alternator is busted. There is not enough power being sent to the engine, which causes a slow start. Sometimes, you won't be able to bring the engine to life at all. If you notice this happening almost all of the time, get an alternator replacement instantly, especially if you rely on your car so much.

Flickering lights

Having dim headlights is another telltale sign that your alternator is having problems. When this happens, you might suspect that you battery is acting up or your bulbs are in need of replacement. But once you have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with your bulbs and battery, you have to put immediate attention on your Storm's alternator. But aside from dimming, your lights may also get too bright all at once without you doing anything about it. If this happens a lot, make sure to have your alternator checked right away.

Foul smell and growling sound

When the alternator is falling apart, it may also produce a foul smell like that of a burning rubber. It may be caused by friction between parts in the system that have gone wrong. Also, you will notice a continuous whining sound signaling that your alternator is going out in any moment. Do not neglect these signs as they may save you from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere feeling so helpless.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Geo Storm Alternator in Good Condition

    With the Geo Storm alternator having one of the most critical roles in the entire automotive system, it is just apt that you make sure it is being well-kept and maintained at all times. Of course, a defective alternator could get you nowhere as it would be very difficult and nearly impossible for your engine to have enough supply of power to keep the car running, much less bring it to life. So to prevent this scenario from happening and avoid being marooned on the road, the best way would be to keep your alternator in good working condition.

    Know the signs of a defective alternator.

    If you are aware of the various manifestations of problems on your Storm's alternator, then it will be so much easier for you to determine the best and cost-efficient solutions for each of them. An alternator usually shows signs to warn you of a possible breakdown, and if you know what they are, it will surely be a breeze for you to solve the issues of your car.

    Make it a habit to clean and inspect the alternator.

    As much as possible, clean and inspect the alternator of your car. It does not necessarily have to be every day or at least four times a week. A couple of times a month will do, as long you do this on a regular basis. Habitual cleaning and inspection prevents alternator problems from piling up and shocking you with car troubles. It also gives you an idea on how much longer your alternator might work without a need for repairs. Also, make sure that you are only using the right tools when cleaning the alternator. Be extra careful when tinkering with the part so as to avoid damaging other components in the system.

    Use a voltmeter.

    The voltmeter is a device used to measure how much power is being generated by the alternator. It takes account of the voltage produced by the alternator when the car is using different electrical devices and also when it is not. Keep in mind that the voltage should not go lower than 12 volts because once it does, it means that something might be wrong with your alternator.