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Geo Tracker Ac Clutch

Common Problems Encountered With the Geo Tracker A/C Clutch

The main responsibility of your Geo Tracker's AC clutch is to provide power to your vehicle's AC compressor. The AC compressor sends refrigerant to the evaporator to get condensed and cooled by the radiator before it enters into the car's passenger compartment through the air conditioning vents. If the AC clutch or any other component in your car's cooling system fails, the compressor will not work properly and cool air cannot be produced. To avoid any inconvenience that a faulty AC clutch could cause you and your passengers, it would be best to take note of the common symptoms of a failing AC clutch so that you can fix the problems as soon as you spot them.

Electrical failures

The AC clutch of your vehicle is an electromagnetic device that powers the compressor. It has a tendency to malfunction if the wire windings in your clutch's coil overheat, melt, or break. This problem will stop the clutch from engaging the compressor to the engine even when it's turned on. Old age is the most common cause of this problem but it can also be blamed on an overheating engine. An overheating engine can make pressure in the system rise and cause difficulties in the operation process of the compressor.

Erratic temperatures

If the electrical charge that your clutch is receiving from the battery is not strong enough, this can result to unpredictable temperatures inside your passenger compartment. An AC clutch that doesn't have enough electrical charge will fail to trigger the compressor and you will notice that your Geo Tracker blows cool and warm air on and off inside the cabin. Sporadic temperatures inside the cabin can also be caused by an obstruction in the orifice tube near the evaporator. This obstruction occurs when moisture gets into your system and develops ice.

Clutch that does not disengage

Your Geo Tracker's AC clutch engages and disengages by the low-pressure switch's command. If your clutch remains permanently engaged and cannot be disengaged, there could be a problem with the low-pressure switch. A failing switch will not be able to measure pressure. As a result, it will leave your AC clutch engaged the entire time.

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  • Tips on How to Keep Your Geo Tracker AC Clutch in Good Condition

    The comfort inside your Geo Tracker's cabin depends on your car's cooling system. Your cooling system is made up of a lot of components that work together to ensure that cool and clean air flows smoothly inside the vehicle to keep the drivers and passengers comfortable. The AC clutch is one of the components that keep your cooling system running. Its main role is to provide power to the compressor which is responsible in sending refrigerant to be condensed and cooled in the evaporator before it goes straight out of your air conditioning vents inside the passenger compartment. If this clutch fails, the rest of the cooling system follows. Here are a few tips on how to keep your Geo Tracker's AC clutch in good condition.

    Lubricate the bearing regularly.

    A faulty bearing can cause noise in your Geo Tracker's AC clutch. The bearing fails and produces popping or cracking noise when too much heat is produced in the clutch. This heat can deteriorate or burn off the bearing's lubricant quickly, causing the bearing to make noise. To avoid this, make it a point to lubricate within the bearings on a regular basis. This will prevent them from failing and producing annoying noises even when your air conditioner is not running.

    Watch over the compressor.

    Your vehicle's AC clutch works with the compressor. Since the compressor is being powered by the clutch, it would be best to keep it in the same good condition as the clutch. To avoid problems with these two components of your cooling system, make sure that the compressor is getting its required voltage at all times. Also check it regularly for shorts and other potential problems that may affect the entire cooling system's performance.

    Keep the clutch burnished.

    An unburnished AC clutch in your Geo Tracker will produce a low torque and result to clutch slipping followed by unwanted scratching and sliding noises. To avoid getting hassled by problems like these, make sure that your vehicle's AC clutch is always burnished. If your clutch is not burnishes, it will wear unevenly. This uneven wear will create a gap between the plates and result to a clutch slip. That is why it's important to burnish your clutch as it will wear consistently all the way around the clutch plate.