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Geo Tracker Floor Mats

Addressing Common Geo Tracker Floor Mats Problems

Geo Tracker floor mats are the least noticed accessory of your interior, but they are one of the most important in terms of function. And now that your floor mats are showing some signs of wear and tear, it is time to give them some attention. Here's how to solve common problems associated with floor mats:

Floor mats don't stay in place

This is quite annoying, especially if you really put great attention to the order and cleanliness of your interior. But there's a simple solution to keep that stubborn floor mat from going underneath your seat: hook-and-look fastener or more commonly known as Velcro tape. Cut at least 2 inch of Velcro tape and stick the hook side to each corner of the reverse side of the floor mat. No need to stick the loop side since the Velcro hook will already "hook" to the carpet.

Floor mats smell musty or moldy

Old floor mats have a tendency to smell musty or moldy for obvious reasons. If you want to remove this smell, simply soak them in soap and water solution for at least 12 hours. Then rinse them thoroughly to remove all the soap out. Hang them dry. Do the same procedure (but only for 30 minutes to 1 hour) if you want to remove the rubber odor smell of the new floor mats. If what's smelly is your carpet and not your floor mats, soak a cloth with white vinegar, place it in a container, and place the container inside the vehicle as close to the odor as possible. Close the vehicle and leave the container with the wet cloth in the vehicle overnight. Do not place the cloth directly on the carpet. The idea is to absorb the smell and not to soak the carpet with vinegar.

Remove stubborn dirt

Floor mats get dirty rather quickly, so give them a shake regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the remaining sand, soil and other dirt trapped in the carpet. For mud, gum, and tar, use a dull knife and scrape as much stuff as you can. Mud can be cleaned with water. Gum and tar can be removed using special remover.

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  • How to Keep Your Geo Tracker Floor Mats Clean

    Whether your Geo Tracker is your everyday workhorse or your ultimate off-road vehicle, the interior should be clean and its floor mats well maintained. Here are some tips to keep your floor mats looking good in the years to come:

    Enter the car with clean shoes.

    The best way keep your Geo Tracker floor mats clean is to keep dirt out of the vehicle. Now, that is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you live in wet, dusty, sandy, or muddy place, but it isn't impossible either. Before you enter your car, shake off your shoes before you step into your vehicle to remove most, if not all the dirt that is trapped in your soles. Do this as a habit and you'll be able to keep your floor mats clean.

    Clean your floor mats regularly.

    Floor mats trap dirt, sand, hair, and other materials in between the fibers. It is important, therefore, to always clean your floor mats when necessary. It doesn't have to be every after you use your car. Floor mats can be cleaned once a week. Once a month is still okay, but expect a more difficult time cleaning your floor mats, especially if you're using your vehicle on a daily basis.

    Remove your floor mats after driving in rain or snow.

    A wet floor mat should not be left to sit inside your vehicle overnight if you don't want the interior to smell moldy. That's not all, leaving a wet floor mat inside the vehicle for a long time will also ruin your carpet.

    Don't clean your floor mats inside the car.

    You can clean your floor mats better if you remove them from your car and place them in clean, dry, and flat surface. Use vacuum cleaner.

    Keep rubber floor mats maintenance tips in mind.

    Unlike carpet and plush carpet floor mats, rubber floor mats are easy to clean (as well as vinyl and aluminum). All you have to do is to wash them with water or wipe the dirt off with wet cloth and you're floor mats are cleaned.