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Geo Tracker Hood

Types of Damage on the Geo Tracker Hood

The hood houses the entire performance parts of your Geo Tracker. Along with the body panels, this is one of the most important parts of your vehicle as it is where the engine is located. Being located in front and outside your vehicle makes it susceptible to damage brought by harsh elements from the outside of the vehicle as well as the weather conditions. A damaged hood may not only make your Geo Tracker unpleasant to look at, it may also fail to protect the important components inside your vehicle. Here are a few signs of damage that you may experience with your Geo Tracker's hood:

Hinge problem

One of the most common types of hood damage is the hinge problem. The hinges are the fundamental components that connect the hood to your vehicle's body. Overtime, these hinges will loosen, get damaged, or even disappear. If you start noticing that your Geo Tracker's hood is rattling while driving, there could be a problem with the hinges. Make sure to inspect the hood as soon as you notice the problem because loose and failing hinges may cause serious problems. Neglecting a hinge problem can completely loosen up the hood and cause an accident if it goes up and hinders your view of the road ahead.

Scratches and dents

Unsightly scratches and dents are among the most common types of damage that your may encounter with your Geo Tracker's hood. These unpleasant-looking dents and scratches are usually caused by fender benders and other minor accidents. Although considered as minor problems, these damages can result to a decrease in your car's value because the damages make it look worn out and old. Just like any other small car problem, ignoring these issues can lead to bigger problems.

Rust and corrosion

The most serious problems that your may encounter with you Geo Tracker's hood is corrosion and the formation of rust. The neglected scratches in your hood that you forgot to cover-up and repair are usually the first ones to rust. Long and unprotected exposure to environmental elements also causes rusting on your hood. A repair can easily solve a small spot of rust in your hood but if a large part of your hood has already been eaten up by rust, you will have to replace it with a new one to avoid putting the other parts at risk of getting damaged and contaminated.

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  • Ways To Keep Your Geo Tracker Hood Looking Good

    The body panels of your car including the roof, trunk, doors, floor, metal body, and the hood play great roles in keeping every part of your car covered and safe. Among these body panels, the most fundamental part is the hood because it's where the car's engine is located. Your Geo Tracker's hood is what protects your car's most important components from being contaminated and exposed to harsh elements and weather conditions. To avoid putting your engine and the other parts under the hood at risk of damage and contamination, make it a point the hood of your Geo Tracker is always in good condition.

    Always check the hinges.

    The hinges that connect the hood of your vehicle to the body can get worn out and loose overtime. Neglecting these loose, missing, or failing hinges on your Geo Tracker's hood may cause the hood to produce a rattling noise while you're driving. In worse cases, the loose hinge might cause the hood to rise up unexpectedly, hinder your view of the road, and result to an accident. That is why you have to make sure that your Geo Tracker's hinges are tight and free of damage.

    Repaint regularly.

    Being exposed to the harsh ultra-violet rays of the sun can cause your Geo Tracker's paint to fade gradually over time. Your vehicle's finish, particularly on the hood, roof, and trunk may also lose its gloss especially if your car has clear coat paint. Aside from making your car look worn out and old, a faded paint may also decrease its value. That is why it's important to repaint your hood before it gets damaged and rusty due to the faded paint. Repainting it regularly when the color is starting to fade will not only restore your car's good looks but also protect the hood from the old scratches that may develop rust.

    Do a regular inspection.

    The hood is very accessible and you can see it every day when getting in and out of your car. Take advantage of this accessibility by doing a brief inspection on a regular basis. This will help you spot problems fast and fix them even faster before they get worse. Make it a point to check your hood for dents and scratches. Even the smallest scratches can form rust and result to major corrosion when neglected. You can easily get rid of these scratches with a repaint or with the help of a local mechanic.