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Geo Tracker Soft Top

Common Reasons behind Geo Tracker Soft Top Problems

Your Geo Tracker's soft top is crafted and engineered to provide your car optimum mildew resistance. Also, with water-tight sealed seams, your soft top gives you an additional defense against leaks. However, this part will eventually undergo wear and tear and can cause all sorts of issues ranging from early corrosion to staining or discoloration. If you think your car's soft top is already at the edge of its service life, then better perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the common problems encountered by Geo Tracker soft tops and the reasons behind them:

Green spots on the soft top

Those green spots on your Geo Tracker's soft top could be molds. These fungi usually thrive in a warm and damp setting. You see, the molds may have grown because your soft top was not dried up after it was cleaned. This problem is usually present in corroding soft tops. When left unchecked, your soft top becomes susceptible to damage, making it an easy host for molds and fungi. Luckily, these signs of damage are easily detectable. Even though these green spots may not be as serious as they look, it is advisable to remove them right away with the use of the right cleaning tools. Use only color safe bleach if the top is made of fabric, while ordinary bleach may be applied if the top is made of vinyl.

Unexplained leaking

Your Geo Tracker is generally built for sunny days. So when they are stored improperly, they can cause leaking and even let cold air and noise inside the auto. Fortunately, these leaks are easily detectable and repaired. You can simply check your auto's interior if water is present. It is best to check the soft tops once in a while and apply waterproofing if leaks are at hand.

Early wear and tear

A possible culprit behind a faster soft top wearing is improper caring and maintenance. The easiest way to diagnose the early deterioration of your Geo Tracker's soft top is by visual inspection. Luckily, this is done without the help of complicated and expensive tools. You see, early wear and tear is attributed to dirt build up. When left not cleaned, a dirty soft top loses its durability and will exhibit signs of discoloration and early wear and tear.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Geo Tracker Soft Top in Top Shape

    Your Geo Tracker's soft top can give your auto bad or good looks depending on how well you maintain the part. If you want the mini SUV's soft top to go the extra mile, then you should constantly invest time for its cleaning and maintenance. But before you prepare your cleaning gear, take note of these tips first:Cleaning tips

    • Know when to clean the soft top.
    • There is no definite schedule as when to clean your Geo Tracker's soft top. But, as a general rule, it is advisable to clean when there are signs of debris, dust, or any other elements on the soft top. In addition, knowing the right type of scrubbers or brushes is just as important as knowing when to clean the top.
    • Know what type of brush or scrub to use.
    • Some brushes are built only for hard tops while some are built for soft tops. Using a brush crafted for hard tops may damage your Geo Tracker's soft top. You see, using a hard scrub or brush can cause the soft top to wear and tear at a faster rate. So, use only soft bristle brushes because they perform the scrubbing well without damaging the soft top.
    • Wipe your vehicle's top using soft towels.
    • After scrubbing is done, the soft top should only be washed with warm water and dried only with the use of especially soft towels like a terry cloth towel. Failing to do so will damage the soft top and can cause further repairs.
    • Apply soft top cleaner once a month.
    • To prevent the Geo Tracker's soft top from becoming discolored and disintegrated, apply a soft top cleaner and protector at least once a month. You see, you should apply one on the windows and covers regularly in order to build a strong defense against UV rays. These rays can cause yellowing for the windows and staining for the soft top.
    • Know how to properly store the top and windows.
    • When the top is down and the windows are not used, it is best to put them in a storage bag to prevent exposure from dirt. In addition, always store the soft top in a dry area.