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Want your car to produce more power and torque? Try the Gibson Exhaust System, an exhaust system that provides full-scale advantages for your vehicle. Gibson exhaust products are manufactured with the aim of improving your vehicle's torque while providing and not sacrificing its' reasonable interior sound levels.

Focusing on the truck, SUV and 4x4 market, Gibson has produced a wide array of Gibson Exhaust System components. Each Gibson Exhaust System promises more power and torque than its competition and has other benefits such as intensive, easy-to-read installation instructions and a lifetime warranty.

Each Gibson exhaust product comes in a free-flowing design that actually contributed to the increase of your vehicle's power and torque. The products are also available with aluminized or stainless-steel construction.

If you order the Gibson Exhaust System before 2pm of any day, your Gibson Exhaust System will be shipped the same day. For queries and comments, you can always contact our customer service online. Do your vehicle and yourself a big favor and order the Gibson Exhaust System with the Gibson Mufflers and Gibson Headers now/

Gibson Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Gibson Exhaust & Muffler

    The Gibson exhaust system offers the best quality and the most combinations in performance parameters for your truck, SUV, or even motor home. Six different systems of the Gibson exhaust system provide improved acceleration, horsepower and torque gains. The Swept Side model of the Gibson exhaust system boosts horsepower gains at the low end, by about 1800-3000 rpm. The Dual Sport Gibson exhaust system allows you to sport a cool street truck look without the exhaust affecting your tow trailer and with no sacrifice in torque or horsepower. Another Gibson exhaust system is the Extreme Dual, which lives up to its name by offering performance extremists an extreme look with an aggressive sound. Then there is the Motorhome Power System, which uses a merging pressure single exhaust system. This state-of-the-art Gibson exhaust system will give your motor home engine better all-around performance, notably in the crucial areas of increased hill-climbing and passing power. It will also reduce back pressure and provide cooler engine operating temperatures. All Gibson exhaust systems are made from aluminized, heavy-duty tubing, and they are designed for quick and easy installation.
    Gibson mufflers are made in auto and marine models .Their reputation for high performance that has made Gibson mufflers the highest selling after market muffler. Gibson mufflers are cost-effective, reliable, and trouble. Gibson mufflers produce a "big block" sound at the tailpipe, but it is much quieter in the cab than other aftermarket mufflers. Gibson mufflers are baffled and chambered for better sound efficiency and they have added thickness to the cases and tubing. For boat owners, Gibson mufflers produce the Superflow Bullet Marine muffler which offers no loss in horsepower, while complying with the California SAE J2005 Sound Law and staying within the 88db range that this law requires.
    Gibson headers will unleash your vehicle's full power potential/ Gibson headers are Dyno-tuned and tooled to deliver more usable horsepower and torque at low and mid-range RPM highway speeds. Gibson headers will improve your engine's ability to breathe and a cooler operating engine temperature. Because they are designed as a direct replacement for the factory manifolds, Gibson headers use the stock crossover pipe. Gibson headers are perfect for lowered and raised vehicles, both street and off-road, and Gibson headers are street legal in all 50 States. When you use Gibson headers to modify your vehicle it will not affect the factory warranty.

  • Gibson: Precision & Technology

    Gibson is one of the experts in exhaust tips and mufflers. Its high-quality products are great replacements for the malfunctioning exhaust components in your car. Shop for Gibson products now/
    Combustion does not only produce power-it also releases exhaust gases, which should be eliminated from the vehicle right away. Have you ever wondered how these exhaust gases leave the vehicle? The answer is through the exhaust system. The exhaust system is made up of tubes that guide waste gases away from the engine. Ensuring that these exhaust gases find their way out is vital because if they don't, they are going to jeopardize the engine's operations. Thus, any damaged exhaust part must be replaced immediately. One of the reliable exhaust product brands available today is Gibson.
    Gibson offers a variety of choices for your gas or diesel vehicle, pickup truck, or SUV. All products manufactured by this company are made for bolt-on installation without sacrificing security. Meanwhile, quality is ensured in every Gibson exhaust system as it is engineered and dyno-tested to lessen backpressure and to produce more horsepower and torque for enhanced fuel economy. Also, Gibson's exhaust system kits are aesthetically appealing and of high quality, and they feature aluminized heavy-duty tubing for durability and longer service life. Stainless steel is also used for the tubing and the muffler. If your vehicle is equipped with Gibson exhaust parts, you will not have to worry about exhaust problems every now and then.
    Gibson also made all its street applications 50-state emissions legal so you can fully enjoy maximum power without harming the environment. Whenever you need an exhaust part replaced or upgraded, choose only the one made by Gibson. Gibson products are conveniently available in numerous online auto parts store today.

  • Choosing the Right Gibson Product, For the Right Job

    Designed exclusively for trucks and SUVs, Gibson exhaust systems provide the full-size advantage

    Improved torque without sacrificing interior sound levels is the goal of all Gibson exhaust products

    Replacing your stock muffler with a Gibson muffler improves sound and power at a lower price than that of an entire exhaust system

    If you like the header look, be sure to check out Gibson headers with their thick flanges and mandrel bent tubes

    Since producing their first products more than a decade ago for the motorhome market, every Gibson exhaust system has had one primary goal: produce more power and torque. But the engineers at Gibson knew that to be truly successful, their Gibson exhaust system would also need to be easy to install, long lasting, and provide reasonable sound levels. As any exhaust designer will tell you, some of these goals are mutually exclusive. Gibson persevered, though, and their initial Gibson exhaust system products were met with rave reviews. Since that time, Gibson has set its sights on the truck, SUV, and 4x4 market, producing a wide array of Gibson exhaust system components to meet a variety of different goals. One thing still holds true, though: Each Gibson exhaust system will produce more power and more torque than its competition. By providing comprehensive, well-written installation instructions and a lifetime warranty on every Gibson exhaust system, the company has also met its other goals. As for providing sound attenuationwell, you can get a Gibson exhaust system that's as quiet as stock, or you can get a Gibson exhaust system that'll let folks know you're coming. It never hurts to have options, and a Gibson exhaust system on your truck or SUV is sure to impress any performance truck enthusiast.

    Yep, there's nothing like cruising the back roads in your 4x4, cherry bomb mufflers rumbling away. Of course, you and your buddy can't talk over the roar in the cab, and your dog went deaf a year ago. There's a better way to get power and that deep rumble from the tailpipes: Add Gibson mufflers to your truck. The Superflow line of Gibson mufflers provides a killer big-block exhaust note outside your truck, but they keep the sound inside the cab down to normal levels. You'll get the power and torque boost that Gibson mufflers are known for, but you don't have to sacrifice your hearing in the process. Gibson mufflers utilize a chamber and baffle system to keep exhaust flow high while canceling out unwanted resonance. Then they wrap everything in an aluminized or stainless shell that's much thicker than the competition's. That way Gibson mufflers don't transmit the exhaust vibration into your truck, resulting in a quieter ride. Of course, the thick, premium metal shell and fully-welded construction found on Gibson mufflers also means Gibson mufflers last longer. In fact, stainless steel Gibson mufflers carry a lifetime warranty against rust-through. So when you're ready for a high-powered exhaust note outside your truck, but a little more luxury inside, choose Gibson mufflers for your exhaust system.

    We love Gibson headers. There's nothing like popping the hood of a truck or SUV and seeing the gorgeous curves and compact designs featured on Gibson headers. Then there's the increased power and torqueif low and midrange get-up-and-go is what you're after, then Gibson headers will deliver and deliver big. We know some of you are probably still skeptical. A lot of folks have had bad experiences with low-quality headers, including installation nightmares and coatings that lasted about three days. Gibson headers are a different breed of performance product, though. Let's start with the fit: Gibson headers are engineered to replace the factory exhaust manifold; that means Gibson headers bolt right up in stock locations for easy installation. Then there's the finish. Gibson headers come in a nickel-chrome plated steel finish, a ceramic-coated finish, or the ever popular stainless tube with a natural finish. All three finishes are more durable than anything available on lesser headers, and all tubing is mandrel bent for exceptional flow from your Gibson headers. The crowning touch? Gibson headers are legal in all 50 states, so whatever truck you drive, and wherever you drive it, you're good to go with Gibson headers.