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Glow Plug

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Gasoline and diesel engines have more differences than the type of fuel they burn. For example, instead of using spark plugs for fuel combustion, diesel engines use compression to heat the engine's air intake.So when fuel is sprayed into the cylinders, fuel is instantly burned. To help the engine's pistons increase the air's temperature, the engine is equipped with a glow plug. This plug is a small metal device with a heating filament on its tip. Once the ignition switch is set in the 'On' position, a relay switches the glow plugs on.The glow plugs can generate a temperature as high as 1000 degrees Celsius in a few seconds; the high heat level quickly warms up the engine block and the cylinders. When the engine block reaches a set temperature, the plugs automatically switch off.As useful as these plugs are, though, their capacity to generate heat decreases over time. When the time comes that you need a replacement glow plug, trust only Carparts.

• Direct-fit replacement for a damaged plug

• Designed to generate the maximum amount of heat

• Keeps your car's exhaust emissions under control