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GMC Brake Dust Shields

If you are tired of fighting the accumulation of brake dust on the wheels of your vehicle, wasting your spare time on scrubbing and polishing just to see the black film return almost immediately, GMC brake dust shields can help. GMC brake dust shields can stop the problem before it starts, deflecting the brake dust away before it reaches the wheels to dull the shine. Brake dust is an inevitable byproduct of the braking process in the disc brake system, caused by the gradual wear of the friction coating of the brake pads. The friction compound with which the brake pads are lined is made up of carbon, metal filings and strong adhesives. A bit of this material is shed each time the brakes are applied, producing brake dust. GMC brake dust shields channel the brake dust away from the wheels, carrying it away with the breeze. Brake dust is very difficult to remove, often requiring the use of harsh solvents to loosen the grip of the strong adhesives that make it so sticky and stubborn. If left too long on the wheels, brake dust can become quite acidic, eating away at the finish of the wheels or making pits in their surface. The easy installation of a set of GMC brake dust shields can stop the aggravation and damage that brake dust can cause, simply fitting into the inside of your wheel, just as easy as putting on a typical wheel cover. You will find a selection of GMC brake dust shields in our online catalog, all at great prices. Ordering is safe and easy on our secure site, or you can dial our toll-free phone line to order your GMC brake dust shields with the assistance of our courteous customer service staff.