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GMC Brake Pad Set

Small but essential components in the disc brake system, GMC brake pads produce friction to stop the vehicle when you apply the brakes. The brake assembly is operated by a hydraulic fluid system that applies pressure to a piston in the brake caliper. The brake caliper then squeezes the GMC brake pads into contact with the brake disc to produce friction, which works against the momentum of the wheels to stop the vehicle. GMC brake pads are lined with a friction compound, made up of carbon, metal shavings and durable adhesives. This lining is designed to provide the GMC brake pads with a firm grip on the brake disc, aiding in the production of friction. The lining also helps to keep the brake disc from being damaged by the contact with the GMC brake pads, keeping their surface smooth for efficient braking performance. With every application of the brakes, the GMC brake pads lose a bit of this friction lining. This gradual deterioration of the friction lining makes it necessary to replace the GMC brake pads at regular intervals to maintain the effective performance of the brake system. Many GMC brake pads are equipped with a wear sensor that will make a squealing sound when the friction lining grows thin, alerting you to the need for replacement. If the GMC brake pads are not changed promptly when worn, they can cause damage to other brake components, such as the brake discs. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality replacement GMC brake pads, all at very reasonable prices. Our secure site will make ordering your GMC brake pads quick and efficient or our great customer service will make our toll-free phone line just as convenient.