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GMC Bumper

Vehicular accidents are not only damaging and life-threatening, they can be expensive too, especially when you have to spend for hospitalization and refurbishment of your auto. Fortunately as the years pass by, automakers' standards for safety have continuously increased and as a result, vehicles especially those introduced in the recent years are equipped with more sophisticated safety devices and tough and durable exterior and interior parts to ensure the passengers' safety.

Among the most important safety parts in an automobile is the bumper. It is fixed in the front and rear end of the vehicle for protection in case of collision. As its name implies, it is designed and placed in front to be crushed and to absorb the impact so that the things inside the vehicle and other parts of the auto won't acquire too much damages. Larger and heavy duty vehicles such as GMC trucks require tougher body parts, especially the bumper for safety reasons. If you need to replace your GMC front bumper or rear bumper, make sure you get a good quality replacement GMC bumper to ensure your safety and your passengers' as well.

Generally, the bumper system, including of course the front bumper, has the same structure or components. What you see is actually just the bumper cover, it is either made of thermoplastic, which is-energy-absorbent. Underneath the bumper cover, there are crushable energy absorbers, pistons and mechanical energy absorbers. Behind these parts are the bumper bracket and bumper bars, also known as the reinforcement. During minor impact collisions, the mechanical energy absorbers crush and collapse, but they return to their former state. So they can still be reused although they look damaged and thus, you may replace only the bumper cover and other parts that have been damaged crushed repair.
Other bumpers out in the market do not have all those parts in the whole bumper system. Some do not have covers, while others only have the bumper cover, reinforcement and the brackets. There are also some bumpers with the cover molded with the reinforcement, so in case of serious damages, you would need to replace the whole bumper system.