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GMC C1500 Carpet Kit

Don't Let Your GMC C1500 Carpet Kit Go to Waste with These Tips

Having a comfortable ride involves a well-maintained engine system as well as a cozy carpet flooring. When your GMC C1500 carpet kit becomes spent, there's just no excuse for you to leave them unattended. A stinky carpet can ruin your sleek ride; it's also a major turn off to your passengers. So to keep your carpet looking brand new all the time, here are a number of tips you can consider:

  • Dilute beverage spills immediately after they have occurred.

Any type of spill can cause your carpet to wear out prematurely. On top of the nasty stains that these spills leave on your carpet floor, it also weakens the carpet material, making it easy to tear apart or get punctured.

You have to understand that stains left unattended for a long period of time can become harder to remove. As time goes by, the stain turns into an ugly spot on the carpet, and can even cause a foul odor inside your car. You don't have to spend anything to prevent this; just dilute the spill with water right after it occurred, so that it won't get stuck on the carpet material.

  • Use ammonia to clean the carpet.

Most of the time, when the carpet gets faded or punctured, the immediate solution is a replacement. However, this can be costly and troublesome at the same time. Spare yourself the hassle of installing a new one by clearing off dirt and grime with a car vacuum cleaner.

In addition, you can also revive your faded carpet by applying some diluted ammonia. Make sure that you test the chemical mixture on a small area first, so that you can see how the carpet reacts to it. With wool carpets as an exception, the ammonia-based solution works well with rubber, vinyl, and other carpet types.

  • Use baking soda as a disinfectant to eliminate foul odors.

It's obvious that you've been missing your carpet care and maintenance habits when you start smelling bad odors inside your car. To remove this foul smell, just sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda or borax on the carpet surface, and leave it for about 30 minutes. When the stench has been removed, vacuum the carpet to remove the baking soda.

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  • Have a Quick GMC C1500 Carpet Kit Installation by Following These Tips

    It's easy to get the perfect carpet kit that matches your car, but the work lies in keeping it clean. Lots of manufacturers offer carpets that are made of various materials, so select one that's suited to your driving style. Though it may seem easy-peasy, installing your GMC C1500 carpet kit can cause you a headache if not done properly.

    To ensure a successful carpet installation, here are a few tricks you can try:

    Tip #1: Remove whatever garbage has settled on the carpet.

    As you install your new carpet kit, you need to make space for the new one. And to do this, clearing our all of the garbage and unnecessary items that have accumulated on the carpet is paramount. Throw away all of the trash before you proceed with removing the old carpet.

    Once you have removed all of the trash, you can have more space to move around during the installation. Plus, it also shows you how damaged the old carpet has become, letting you identify points of repair.

    Tip #2: Use a removable marker for linings and openings.

    You can opt to get a generic carpet kit from your vendor, but this may require a few modifications. One of the typical differences you may encounter is the mismatched openings and linings. Car seats, for example, have wirings that go under the car. This would require you to cut out openings on the exact location of the wires.

    A quick technique to do this is to take the old carpet, and put it over the new one. With this setup, you are able to see where to trim the carpet for the openings and linings. Take extra caution when cutting the carpet, especially for the door sills, since too much trimming can also make the carpet unfit for your car. Just pay attention to the markings to prevent any fitting issues.

    Tip #3: Unplug the wires and other electrical parts.

    Once you have removed the old carpet from the car, you'll see some wirings that go under your car. In order to have full access to the flooring during the installation, you need to unplug the battery cables first. Then, detach the electrical wirings that go under, taking note of their location as a reference when it's time to return them.