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GMC C1500 Dash Cover

How to Keep Your GMC C1500 Dash Cover Looking Like New

Your GMC 1500 is built for rough off-road tasks, but that doesn't mean that its interior should look like it's been through tough times too. Good thing, your GMC 1500 dash cover is a quick and affordable way to dress up your truck's dashboard and make its interior look fresh and new again. This accessory can protect your dashboard from the damaging effects of dirt and UV rays. It can also conceal existing damage on the dashboard's surface. But in order for you to make the most out of your dash cover, you should make sure that it gets the proper care that it deserves. Check out these hassle-free maintenance tips that you can easily do on your GMC 1500 dash cover:

  • Clean it regularly to avoid dirt build-up and tough stains.

Your dash cover is bound to have its fair share of dust and dirt after some time, especially if you frequently take your truck out for a ride through unyielding terrains. It's also not unusual for drinks to spill over its surface. All these unwanted dirt and stains can seriously affect the appearance of your truck's dash cover, making your interior look unkempt. This is why it's recommended that you make dash cover cleaning a part of your car maintenance routine.

If you have a fabric dash cover, an easy way to clean its surface is by thoroughly vacuuming it. This removes small dirt particles stuck in its weave. You can also do spot cleaning over spilled liquid to prevent it from forming stubborn stains.

  • Use the proper cleaning products and methods.

Before you start applying cleaning agents over your dash cover, read its washing instructions first to find out if there are any particular procedures you need to perform or chemicals you should not use. The correct cleaning agents and techniques depend on the type of dash cover that you have. Generally, washing it with warm water and mild car soap is a good way to go. It's advisable to steer clear from petroleum-based products and other cleaners containing harsh chemicals to prevent your dash cover from fading prematurely.

  • Protect it from the sun rays.

Parking your truck under a shade is the best way to stay protected from damaging sun rays. However, if you have no choice but to park under the sun, use a windshield sun shade to keep the damaging UV rays out.

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  • Three Hassle-Free Installation Tips for Your GMC C1500 Dash Cover

    Your GMC C1500 dash cover basically ensures that your truck's dashboard is kept in its superb condition. It's made to put up with the harsh sun rays and abrasive dirt for the sake of maintaining the truck interior's fresh and good-looking form. Not only is it used for protection, it's also suitable for covering up existing cracks and scratches over your dashboard. A dash cover is one of those bang-for-your-buck accessories that are sure to benefit your truck in the long run.

    Another great thing about a dash cover is how it can easily be installed even without the help of a professional detailer. With the right procedures and materials, you can accomplish this DIY task in no time. Check out some of the following tips you should keep in mind for an easier GMC C1500 dash cover installation process:

    Tip #1: Ensure that the mounting surface is clean.

    The dash cover is securely held in place using a Velcro or an adhesive. Either way, the mounting surface should be free from dust, dirt, and oil to ensure that it sticks on properly. Thoroughly clean the dashboard using an ammonia-based cleaner. You can also use a soft lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol to completely get rid of dirt and grime.

    Tip #2: Do not apply the adhesive liberally.

    There's a smart way to securely attach a dash cover using a silicone adhesive and it's not done by just smearing it over the entire surface of you cover. In fact, you should avoid applying adhesive on the middle part of the cover because this will only do more harm than good. The best way to do this is by applying the silicone over the edges of the dash cover, making sure that you put small amounts to prevent creating air pockets once you stick it over the dashboard's surface. Wait about 4 hours for the adhesive to set before you take your truck out for a ride again.

    Tip #3: Make sure the dash cover fits your dashboard perfectly.

    Test-fit the dash cover before you start the installation process to make sure that it fits over your dashboard perfectly. It's also a good idea to let it relax over the contours of your vehicle's dashboard by laying it over the dash top and letting it sit under sun for some time.