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GMC Canyon Door Handle Cover

GMC Canyon Door Handle Cover: Troubleshooting Tips for Dummies

Imagine this: You volunteered to drive your date to her place on your huge and macho GMC Canyon pickup truck. It was almost a perfect night, magical even. You want to treat her like a queen, so you opened the door for her. Sadly, the door handle cover won't budge. Your date was left with no choice but to sit on the rear passenger side beside your messy stuff. Your night was almost ruined all because of a defective GMC Canyon door handle cover. This nightmare won't happen if you know how to troubleshoot its problems. Here's how:

Cracked cover

Your GMC Canyon's door handle cover could be made from either stainless steel or durable plastic, but eventually, it will incur cracks or dents over time. When this happens, it could give you a hard time opening your truck's doors. It could also cause it to break and fall apart completely. What you can do is check the door handle cover for cracks that might grow bigger and reach the lock mechanisms if not treated immediately. You need to replace such covers if you want to be able to use your door handles properly, that is. Replacing broken covers is very easy since it comes with easy-to-install adhesives.

Unstable handle

Replacement door handle covers only make use of adhesives and do not require drilling or cutting during installation. However, due to frequent use and other factors such as weather and dirt, the adhesive eventually becomes weak enough to hold the door handle cover in place. If the cover has already been in use for three years already, check the cover for signs of premature wear. If the cover is becoming loose already, might as well replace the adhesive with a fresh one. If it is already worn-out, it is best to replace the entire part to ensure that it won't fall off while you are driving.

Inoperative door lock

While this problem could be attributed to the door lock actuator or the wirings, it could also be caused by a broken door handle cover. Since this part serves as your car's door knob, it could get stuck due to dirt buildup or other factors, making it harder to operate efficiently. Check the cover for signs of wear and dirt buildup that could be hampering it from performing its function.

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  • GMC Canyon Door Handle Cover: How to 'Handle' It With Care

    Before you even get to sit on your GMC Canyon's plush leather seats, or view your state-of-the-art odometer and dashboard upgrades, there is always your door handle cover to welcome you. Sadly, this part is often taken for granted, until that one day comes when it would just fall apart. You can still do something to save it from coming to its bitter end. Here are some ways to show you care for your GMC Canyon door handle cover:

    Check for damage.

    It won't hurt to perform a visual inspection of your truck's parts once in a while. The door handle cover, for instance, is prone to damage as it is oftentimes operated with too much force. You can check the cover for dents or cracks and inspect its internal components for signs of wear and tear. If the damage is beyond repair already, then do not hesitate to replace it with a new one.

    Keep it clean.

    Whenever you wash your car, sometimes, you forget the most obvious parts like the door handle cover. Make it a habit to at least clean the cover with mild cleanser and water to keep it free from dirt or corrosion. Remember: keeping it clean is the first step to making it more durable.

    Use it properly.

    Just like other car parts, the door handle cover is prone to being used with carelessness. Whether you are rushing to work, or you are pissed off after a meeting, it is usually the first thing that you get to touch when you reach your car. Do this frequently and watch it break and fall off. Use your door handle cover with care and replace it if it is already time to do so.

    Replace adhesive.

    Some door handle covers come with adhesives as mounting hardware, so there is no need to cut or drill it during installation. So, if your truck's door handle cover becomes weak and unstable due to its exposure to various weather conditions, then you should replace the adhesive immediately to keep it from falling off. You can use a red cellophane tape that is temperature-resistant for your new adhesive. This is available in any auto parts store.