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GMC Envoy Bumper Cover

Introduced in 1998 as a premium model of the GMC Jimmy, GMC Envoy offers the power and capability that is expected from a Sport Utility Vehicle. Envoy models are mid-size SUVs, about the same size as a Ford Explorer. After the Jimmy was dropped in 2002, the GMC Envoy became the only mid-size SUV for the GMC division. Envoy is smaller than a Yukon of GMC but much bigger than compact SUVs based on cars. Even if the GMC Envoy shares its chassis and engines with the Chevy TrailBlazer and Buick Rainier, there are still feature differences among the three nameplates.

Let's first take a look at the GMC Envoy exterior where all the differences are located. Let's focus on the GMC Envoy bumpers; after all it's the first thing that catches people's attention aside from the car hoods and the like. What is a car bumper and how does it functions? Bumpers are those parts of a vehicle designed to allow one vehicle to push another and to withstand the impact caused by collisions. They were originally made of heavy steel. In later years, bumpers have been constructed of rubber, plastic, or painted light metal leaving them prone to damage even from minimal contact. Automobiles with bumpers like these cannot push, or be pushed by another vehicle.

Nowadays, bumpers of autos, pickups, trucks and utility vehicles including your GMC Envoy bumpers have been added bumper guards, push bars to provide added protection to the vehicle. But aside from that, GMC Envoy bumper can also be the contraption that would make your vehicle be noticeable from the rest of the crowd. There are body color restyling accessories that fit over a stock chrome front or rear bumper on a pickup, van or SUV to provide a monochromatic look, these accessories are called bumper covers. Some front bumper covers includes a built-in air dam, sometimes with integral fog lights and a small billet grille. You can also have a roll pan instead of the factory chrome or stainless steel rear bumper. Or maybe you can have step bumpers which has step built-in.

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