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GMC K1500 Parts and GMC K1500 Accessories

Awesome Facts About the GMC K1500

  • Truck star - That is what the GMC K1500 is. Being one of the few trucks that had played roles in Hollywood movies, the GMC K1500 boasts its appearance in the 2007 movie, Wind Chill. This 1981-1987 model year can easily be identified by looking at the GMC K1500 parts. With a brushed silver insert at the center of the tailgate and the logo placed off to the side, the GMC K1500 Sierra has shown that its blank blanks way beyond the auto industry and even reaches out to the movie industry.

  • The easiest way to differentiate a GMC K1500 from a Chevrolet C1500 is by looking at its grille and taillight design. Chevrolet's grille and tailgate have its large, bow-tie logo, while GMC's grille features the division's initials. Another major difference is that the letter C in C1500 indicates a rear-wheel-drive, while the letter K in K1500 indicates a four-wheel-drive.

  • The 2011 GMC K1500 Yukon Hybrid ranked fifth in the ACEEE's (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's) list of the Greenest Large SUVs for 2012. With a Green Score of 30, the K1500 passed both of the federal and California emission standards. The ACEEE's list of Greenest Vehicles (by class) takes into account all aspects of being eco-friendly such as manufacturing, materials used, and the amount of pollution produced on the road. The above-average Green Score of the GMC K1500 is similar with its twin's, the Chevrolet K1500 Tahoe Hybrid.

  • What makes the 2013 GMC K1500 a strong competitor among the large SUV category is its new technology in fuel economy, the Active Fuel Management. Through this system, the K1500's fuel economy is maximized. Upon starting or idling, the Active Fuel Management delivers the responsive power of all eight engine cylinders. While at cruising speed, this system temporarily deactivates four cylinders to give you outstanding full-size pickup fuel economy.

  • The GMC K1500's celebrity days go beyond the silver screen. In the TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger, the main actor, Chuck Norris, used to drive the GMC K1500 Sierra. However, in later episodes of the series, Chuck Norris replaced the GMC K1500 with a similar 4x4 truck, the Dodge Ram 1500.

  • Did you know that classic GMC K1500 models, produced through 1975, can command as much as $12,500? Though it still depends on the truck's condition. Classic GMC models with mildly restored doors and bumpers can be priced as low as $5,000.

GMC K1500 Articles

  • Frequent Faults of the GMC K1500

    Before the turn of the century, one of the best trucks to own was the full-size GMC K1500. Its huge bed powered by a strong engine was among the qualities one would get from it. With a good four-wheel-drive system, the vehicle was an instant choice for anybody looking for the most in utility and practicality. However, there are a few mechanical faults with the GMC K1500 that may its owner headaches. Here are a few of these:

    Oil filter

    Some replacement oil filters from the Fram brand for the 1994-1999 GMC K1500 are reported to be defective and unsuitable for installation. The affected items manufactured from May 2006 up to September 2007 use a weak gasket that is prone to damage when exposed to high levels of heat and pressure. Since oil regularly passes through the filter, continuous use could result to a loss of engine oil and fire. To avoid this catastrophic consequence, Fram has ordered a recall on these products and will gladly replace any defective products for free.


    Some models of the GMC K1500 from 1988 to 1993 have been recalled because of a transmission issue. Leaking transmission fluid from the vent tube has been observed because of unexpected heat coming from the gearbox. At its worst, the liquid may catch fire if ever it comes into contact with something that can ignite it. A longer tube placed on the left side of the engine compartment can prevent this problem.

    Another problem is the hard shift from 1st to 2nd gear. It may persist no matter how much the truck is restarted. It may be due to a slipping transmission, busted torque sensors, burnt clutches, old solenoids, or a bad gearbox as a whole.

    Front door

    There is a technical service bulletin that involves some of the GMC K1500s manufactured between 1988 up to 1993. It states that one or both of the front doors of these trucks behave unusually. The door may appear dropped or sagged when open. It may also move awkwardly and make weird noises when opened and closed under extreme conditions. The cause of the problem may be a door-hinge pin and bushing that is prematurely worn.