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GMC K1500 Suburban Parts and GMC K1500 Suburban Accessories

Fun Facts about the GMC K1500 Suburban

  • The term "Suburban" was derived from the old designation U.S. automotive companies used to indicate a windowed, station wagon. In 1935, Chevrolet began the production of the "carryall-suburban" vehicles made from steel which was also called Suburban Carryall. The vehicles were released two years later and their name was cut into "Suburban." It was only decades later in 1988, when General Motors was awarded an exclusive trademark of the term.

  • The amazing history of the GMC K1500 Suburban started in 1933 when Chevrolet manufactured the first station wagon with a half-ton truck frame for the National Guard and Civilian Conservative Corps units. Most parts of the station wagon were constructed from wood, and the vehicle can seat up to eight passengers at the same time.

  • A Brazilian version of the then Chevrolet Suburban was introduced in 1964 and it was called "Veraneio." It was very popular in the country and the production of the vehicle continued until 1988. The Grand Blazer, Veraneio's successor, was introduced as the counterpart of the GMC K1500 Suburban and Tahao in the United States.

  • Chevrolet Suburban is actually the identical twin vehicle of the GMC Suburban. The confusing name was changed only in 2000 when GMC dropped the "Suburban" title and changed it to Yukon XL. Despite of GMC's name change, the two vehicles still share major components and both are built in the same plant.

  • The suffix K in the GMC K1500 Suburban's name refers to the four-wheel drive capacity of the vehicle. Its counterpart is C which refers to a rear-wheel drive model. The other suffix, 1500, is the designation used to define the one-half ton payload capacity of the vehicle. A 2500, one the other hand, means a three-fourth ton payload capacity.

  • To keep the President of the United States safe when travelling on the road, a long convoy of vehicles is deployed to protect him. A model that you can easily notice is a big, black GMC K1500 Suburban, and there are probably five or six of them. These vans are fully armored and armed, and the passengers are all Secret Service officers.

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