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GMC Performance Module And Chip

When you look at the large assortment of products that are available to add more power to your GMC, it becomes obvious that a large amount of money and time could be spent in the process. There is an easier option, however, in the form of the GMC performance chip. No tools are required to install this ingenious device, in most cases. Simply plug the GMC performance chip into the appropriate port on the engine's, computer, and the process is complete. If your GMC burns gas, you can gain more than 20 horsepower, but if it runs on diesel, you can easily gain more than 100 horsepower in a few minutes of time. The GMC performance chip works by replacing the conservative engine settings of the stock computer with settings geared more towards performance. It changes the amounts of air and fuel that are injected into the combustion chambers, to achieve a more powerful force with which to push the pistons down. In gas engines, the GMC performance chip changes the spark timings to burn the fuel mixture more efficiently. It can also tweak many other settings in the engine. If you have an automatic transmission, the GMC performance chip can alter the shift points and the shift firmness, which will allow for smooth and efficient transmission of the added power to the wheels. Finally, it also raises the rev limiter, allowing you to use the added power in the high end of the acceleration curve. In our online catalog, you can find the GMC performance chip for many vehicles, and it can be easily ordered from our secure web site or by phone, with a quick toll-free call.

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