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GMC Sierra 1500 Bumper Cover

Repair and Maintenance Tips You can Use on Your GMC Sierra 1500 Bumper Cover

The bumper covers of the GMC Sierra 1500 do not require the same amount of maintenance compared to the engine and other parts of your truck, but they do need a bit of care every now and then. The location of the bumper covers make them particularly prone to different types of damage, ranging from scratches caused by road debris to dents from misjudged parking jobs. And that's not counting the regular wear and tear the bumper cover encounters every day.

Keeping the GMC Sierra 1500 bumper cover in top condition is not all that difficult and does not require any special tools to accomplish. Here's a guide on how you can do just that:

  • When cleaning the bumper, avoid harsh chemicals and brushes.

A good washing can eliminate mud, dirt, and stains on the bumper, but how you clean them is also important. You should steer clear of household detergent or dish soap as these can actually damage the clear coating of the paint. Instead, use car shampoo or a similar product that's specially formulated for use on car exteriors. In addition, you should also use a soft material, such as a wash mitt or a microfiber cloth rather than hard-bristled brushes or a sponge to avoid scratching the paint.

  • Remove bug stains with penetrating oil.

Residue left by flying insects that hit the bumper at high speeds can prove to be difficult to remove just by regular washing. In such cases, you will need to treat the stains first with penetrating oil like WD-40. Simply spray the stained areas with the oil and let it soak for several minutes before wiping the mess with a soft cloth. You can also use the same technique to remove sap and road tar from the bumper cover.

  • Fix minor scratches with rubbing or polishing compound.

Most people often head straight to the auto body shop to fix scratches and scrapes on the bumper, but if the damage did not go beyond the paint you can save money by buying some rubbing compound instead. Also known as polishing compound, rubbing compound gradually scrapes off the bumper cover's clear coating to diminish the appearance of the scratch.

Apply the rubbing compound into the scratch using a soft cloth or rag and rub it in a circular motion. Better yet, use a car buffer with a soft polishing attachment for a more professional look. Apply some wax to the surface afterwards to help restore the protective coating on the paint.

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  • Guide to Replacing and Installing the GMC Sierra 1500 Bumper Cover

    Looking to replace the banged-up bumper of your GMC Sierra 1500? Or are you eyeing a custom-made one for your ride? Either way, you will need to get that old bumper cover removed first. Thankfully, the design of the latest GMC Sierra bumper cover is much simpler compared to its predecessors, making it possible for you to replace these panels on your own.

    Installation manuals for replacing a GMC Sierra 1500 bumper cover are widely available online, so learning to install one is as easy as opening your browser. If these could be of any help to you, here are some additional tips you might find helpful when mounting a new bumper into your truck:

    Tip #1: Inspect the new bumper.

    Bumper cover manufacturers generally do not accept returns once the bumper is already modified or tampered in any way, so make sure to check it first before you mount in onto your truck. Some of the things to look for include bumps, rough spots, and other defects in the bumper surface. For bumper covers that are already pre-painted, take note of any scratches, swirls, and other imperfections on the paint.

    Tip #2: Pre-fit the cover first.

    Although it is custom made to fit the specific model and year of your GMC Sierra, a bit of adjustment and even modification of the bumper cover is required to ensure perfect fit. To this end, it is recommended to pre-fit the bumper cover first by lifting it from both ends and placing it onto the vehicle frame sans the hardware. You will need an extra hand to help you on this.

    As a rule of thumb, the bumper cover should fit seamlessly onto the front and rear of your truck. If the bumper sticks out or has an awkward silhouette, check the brackets and the mounting holes for their correct alignment and positioning.

    Tip #3: Don't use a screwdriver to remove the bumper's plastic rivets.

    Many guides suggest removing the plastic rivets that hold the bumper cover in place using a screwdriver, but this can actually damage the rivets. Instead, it is recommended to use a plastic rivet or trim remover, which is specially designed to safely remove plastic rivets and trim from vehicles. This tool is widely available in auto parts and costs less than $10.