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GMC Sierra 1500 Fender Flares

Let’s Take Care of Your GMC Sierra 1500 Fender Flares

Having GMC Sierra 1500 fender flares for your truck provide you two things: protection and aesthetics. It started to become a feature among trucks because of its benefits. But with its purpose, it's hard to keep in its best form. It continues to take flak from road debris being thrown away as your wheel spins. Despite that, you try to preserve its paint and finish. Let's go through some tips on how you can take care of your GMC Sierra 1500 fender flares. Try them out and we hope that you can improve the lifespan of your panels. Here we go.

  • Be selective of the conditions of the roads that you drive through.

The GMC Sierra 1500 fender flares are meant to keep the road debris from being thrown into your truck's panels. Although you can't fully avoid driving through unpaved roads, you should at least try to be discriminating in choosing which way to go. Doing so reduces the risk of scratches, cracks, and other damages that can be incurred when road debris hit your fender flares.

  • Check if your fender clips and mounts are still intact once in a while.

The fender flares are attached to the body of your truck via clips. Regularly check the integrity of these mounting parts. Because they are usually hidden away from view, try to gently rock the fender flares to see if they are still intact. If even a small space shows up, then a clip might be damaged. Depending on how bad the damage is, you can just replace the clip or get a fender flare replacement for the damaged one.

  • Wash with clean water.

Washing your fender flares with clean water is always the first step of getting rid of dirt and other particles that are sticking on your panels. Spray a steady stream at an angle to be able to loosen the dirty layer. For very light layers of dirt, a quick rinse should be enough. But for heavier layers, you should not stop with just washing it water.

  • Scrub your fender flares.

To thoroughly clean your fender flares, scrub your fender flares with a sponge. Gently apply until the dirt is gone.

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  • How to Install the GMC Sierra 1500 Fender Flares

    Your GMC Sierra 1500 is a true American truck. You drive to places and get the recognition you deserve. Then comes the aesthetics. The truck is designed to be wide, burly and tough. That's exactly what you need when you have a decent V8 engine for pulling, roomy cabin space, and spacious bed. Its look even gets better with bull bars, custom step side, fog lights, and GMC Sierra 1500 fender flares. In some models, this panel is already installed as a stock part but for others, it counts as an aftermarket accessory. Whether you are replacing your broken fender flares or upgrading your truck for a more macho look, you should know a bit in the panel mounting department. Here are some tips on how to install the GMC Sierra 1500 fender flares.

    Tip #1: Decide if you want to modify your GMC Sierra or not.

    Before you go out to buy and install fender flares on your truck, determine if you are sticking with an OEM look or doing a modified one. The advantage of sticking with the OEM look is you get to preserve an original feel on your truck. Moreover, OEM fender flares are easier to source out and install. However, if you want modified flares, you might have to do alterations on your truck. Keep these in mind.

    Tip #2: When you go out to buy fender flares, consider the year and trim of your truck.

    As the brand updates its truck models, its design evolves as well. This means that the fender flares from the older truck will not fit into the newer one. You cannot just integrate and swap parts from different models without doing a few modifications. To ease your work, get the right fender flares specifically made for the year and trim of your truck. This will spare you the headache and unwanted costs.

    Tip #3: Tag along your friend or mechanic for the installation proper.

    Having an extra hand in installations like this makes it better for you. Your friend or trusty mechanic can guide you as you disassemble and inspect the old mounting space. You can then have them hold the new fender flares as you put the clips together.