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GMC Sierra 1500 Floor Mats

5 Things to Remember When Cleaning GMC Sierra 1500 Floor Mats

The floor mats of your vehicle are designed to protect the surface of the floorboards from dirt, dust, and stains. They serve as the floorboard’s first level of defense from the wear and tear of everyday driving. Over time, however, these mats can get damaged or worn out due to excessive use or negligence. To prevent this from happening, always remember to take good care of your vehicle’s mats and perform maintenance every once in a while. Cleaning them is definitely a must, especially if you want to prolong their lifespan. To help you get started, below is a quick guide that will teach you how to clean this vital car accessory.

  • Organize your stuff and pick up any items lying on the floor.

Before you get started with cleaning your vehicle’s floor mats, you need to pick up any items lying on its surface first. Organize these objects to remove any obstructions that will prevent you from doing your job properly.

  • Vacuum the surface of the mats to remove loose particles.

Before removing the floor mats from your vehicle, you can do some initial cleaning by vacuuming its surface to remove loose particles like sand and crumbs. You can also vacuum underneath the mat to cover more areas. Additionally, you can also clean the pedals, seats, and other crevices of the car using this tool.

  • Shake the floor mats vigorously to remove dirt and dust.

Aside from using a vacuum to clean out loose particles on the mat, you can also take them out and shake them vigorously to remove any unwanted materials.

  • Invest in a good carpet cleaner.

If you don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning process, you can always invest in a good commercial carpet cleaner that you can easily spray on the mats. These cleaners can also be good for removing stains. For instance, you can spray them directly onto the stained spot and leave it for five minutes to allow the solution to soak in. Once the cleaner has settled, you can vacuum that spot repeatedly and aggressively until the stain is removed.

  • Find a good brush that you can use to clean the floor mats.

Aside from investing in a good carpet cleaner, you should also find a good brush that will match your vehicle’s needs to make the cleaning task easier and faster.

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