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Easy Maintenance Tips for Dodge Ram 2500 Mirror

Whether it is your standard rear view mirror or an aftermarket one with fancy multimedia features, the mirrors found in your Dodge Ram 2500 need to be maintained from time to time. The Dodge Ram 2500 mirror tends to fade over time, but with proper care and use, it can look and work like brand new for many years to come:

In this guide, we'll share some simple tips to maintain Dodge Ram 2500 mirrors:

  • Make sure the mirrors are clean and pointing in the right direction.

Cleaning the mirrors on a regular basis remains the most effective way to keep it in good condition. Ammonia-based glass cleaners will do a great job in restoring a mirror's appearance, although you can do just as well with ordinary dishwashing liquid. Wipe the solution clean with a soft microfiber towel or, better yet, some old newspapers.

In addition, make sure that all the mirrors are correctly aligned. As a rule, the rearview mirror should allow the driver to see as far as 200 feet from the rear, while the side view mirrors should cover the blind spots beside the car.

  • Remove water spots with white vinegar.

Water spots are those faint white spots on your car mirrors that are actually lime, silica, and calcium residue left behind by hard water. To remove, spray the affected areas with an equal mixture of water and vinegar and wipe clean. Light water spots should come right off, but for more stubborn stains, you can try adding baking soda to the cleaning solution and spray the affected area again.

  • Cover your side mirrors with plastic bags during winter.

When parking your car overnight during those freezing winter months, cover the side mirrors with plastic bags secured with clothespins or rubber bands. Although it may look silly, the bags will prevent ice from forming on the mirrors, saving you time and energy in defrosting the mirrors every morning.

  • If the mirror glass is cracked or chipped, consider replacing it with a new one.

Even a slightly cracked mirror may not be able to reflect images at the correct angle and is likely to fall off from its housing. Several manufacturers offer precut glass mirrors for Dodge Ram 2500 trucks and other models.

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  • Tips When Installing New Dodge Ram 2500 Mirror

    Anyone who has had a side view mirror or rearview mirror for the Dodge Ram 2500 installed by a mechanic can tell you how expensive it can be, but you can save a lot of money by installing those new mirrors yourself. Although the process depends on the type of mirror and the functions it has, installation of the Dodge Ram 2500 mirror remains relatively simple and only takes an hour or two of your time. If you are planning on installing a brand new mirror on your Dodge Ram, here are some important pointers you should consider:

    Tip #1: Do you need to replace the mirror glass or the entire assembly?

    This should be the first thing you should consider even before you buy a new mirror for your truck. If only the glass needs replacing and the rest of the mirror assembly is still in good shape, it might be more cost-effective to just have the mirror glass replaced. Replacement mirror glass is widely available and is cheaper and easier to install than an entire mirror assembly. However, if the entire mirror assembly is done for or you are upgrading to a custom mirror, then installing an entire car mirror is the best choice.

    Tip #2: Check the connections.

    If your new mirror comes with electronic features like defrosters or LED indicators, make sure that all of the electrical wiring are connected properly. The mirror’s features will not function if the wires are loose or not connected properly or, in some cases, even lead to damage in these components. Refer to the instruction manual included with the car mirror kit to connect the wires properly.

    Tip #3: When installing power mirrors to a door with a manual crank, remove the crank first.

    If you have power windows but you have an older Ram model with a manually-operated crank, you will have to detach the crank handle first in order to access the window trim. It is recommended to use a special door handle removal tool to pry out the crank handle in order to reduce the likelihood of damaging it, but if it is not available then a large flat screwdriver will do.