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GMC Sierra 1500 Tonneau Cover

Two Important Tips to Maintain the Excellent Condition of Your GMC Sierra 1500 Tonneau Cover

When deciding on what accessory to get for your GMC truck, you won't go wrong in picking a tonneau cover. This add-on makes your truck even more functional by allowing you to carry more stuff in the truck bed without the fear of them getting wet, stolen, or damaged. Tonneau covers come in various types—folding, retractable, or roll-up, soft or hard. No matter what type of tonneau cover you get for your GMC Sierra, you have to take good care of it to get long service life out of this add-on and to increase the resale value of your truck. Here are some tips on how you can maintain the excellent condition of your GMC Sierra 1500 tonneau cover:

  • Use only the right type of cleaner and cleaning equipment.

Of course, the best way to maintain your tonneau is to keep it clean. But you have to carefully choose the products and cleaning equipment you'll use on the tonneau cover. Use water and mild soap when washing the cover and a soft-bristle car wash brush to scrub the dirt off. If you want to use a commercial tonneau cover cleaner, then go for one with pH-balanced, biodegradable formula.

Unless your tonneau cover is made of vinyl, never use a vinyl cleaner as it can cause other materials to deteriorate and fade. To protect the surface and restore the glossy appearance of your tonneau, you can apply a protectant once the tonneau cover has completely dried.

  • Do not leave heavy stuff on top of the cover for extended hours.

Most truck owners have the habit of putting some of their luggage on top of the tonneau cover while they're cleaning the truck bed or organizing the other cargos. Avoid doing this if possible, especially if it will take you a long while before you can take the heavy cargo off the cover. This will cause sagging and damage on the cover. If this practice makes it easier for you to load your stuff on the truck bed, check your manual first and make sure that you only place stuff that are within the cover's specific weight ratings.

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  • A Few Tips for Easier and Faster GMC Sierra 1500 Tonneau Cover Installation

    As the tonneau covers turn out to be a necessity and not just an accessory for most truck owners, these add-ons have also become easier to install. So the next time you feel the need to outfit your GMC truck with a new tonneau cover, you need not spend a fortune just to pay for the services of a pro. With basic tools and a comprehensive installation guide, even average DIYers can have the tonneau cover installed in no time.

    Should you decide to install your new GMC Sierra 1500 tonneau cover all by yourself, here are some tips that will help make your task faster and easier:

    Tip #1: Be familiar with the type of tonneau cover you are installing as well as the entire installation process.

    The process in installing the tonneau cover depends on its type. So before purchasing, decide first what type of cover is most beneficial to you. Before installation, read the step by step guide thoroughly. This way, you can determine if you have all the tools needed for the job and if you are apt for DIY installation. You'll also know how much time you have to allot for this task. Along with this, it is also important that you thoroughly check the package as soon as your ordered tonneau cover has arrived at your doorstep. Verify the size and all the hardware that comes with it. Do this the soonest, so you'll have time should you need to send your order back to the merchant for replacement.

    Tip #2: Ask someone to help you with the installation.

    Regardless of the type of tonneau cover you will be installing, it pays to have a buddy that will help you through the task. You see, the tonneau cover can be heavy, and it would also be kind of hard for you to properly align the railings without someone to hold one end while you're working on the other end of the rail. With an assistant, you can prevent misalignment, bulging on the sealing surface, loose or over-tightened hardware, and other installation issues.

    Tip #3: Inspect all the sealing surfaces for bulging, misalignment, or any imperfection before permanently securing the tonneau cover in place.

    Once you've put the Sierra 1500 tonneau cover in its place, do not secure it just yet. Instead, check first the sealing surface for bulging and other issues. Also check if it easily opens and closes. If there's any issue, have it fixed first before securing the tonneau cover.