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GMC Sierra 2500 HD Mirror

How to Maintain the GMC Sierra 2500 HD Mirror: Some Key Tips

The side and rear view mirrors are often the last things that come to mind for GMC Sierra 2500 HD owners when making their maintenance checklist. And while, admittedly, GMC Sierra 2500 HD mirrors are designed to operate without the need for frequent maintenance, a bit of care every now and then can go a long way in prolonging their service lives. Rear view mirrors, in particular, are vulnerable to the elements while on the road, and will succumb to wear and damage fairly quick if not given basic maintenance.

Maintaining the various mirrors in your GMC Sierra 2500 HD is not that hard, and will only take several minutes to an hour of your time to accomplish. In this guide, we'll share some simple yet effective tips you can use to maintain your truck's mirrors:

  • Clean the mirror using glass cleaner.

Mirrors covered in dirt, hard water stains, and bug spatter are not only unsightly to look at but might also hasten the deterioration of the mirror's reflective backing, especially around the edges. Spraying the mirror glass with glass cleaner should be able to remove most stains, although we recommend using an old newspaper to wipe the mirror dry as they leave no residual marks on the mirror surface. For stubborn stains like hard water spots, however, you will need to use vinegar mixed with water; do not use any chemicals stronger than this as it might damage the mirror itself.

  • Check for cracks.

Cracks on the mirror can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from sudden temperature changes to your typical parking mishap. But whatever the reason may be, cracks on the mirror surface must be dealt with accordingly. Minor hairline cracks on the mirror, for instance, may only warrant the replacement of the mirror glass, although more severe damage that extends to the housing assembly or results in the malfunction of the mirror's electronic functions would entail the replacement several or all of the components that make up the mirror assembly.

  • Wrap the side view mirrors in plastic when parking overnight during winter.

This will prevent frost from forming on the surface of the mirror, saving you time defrosting the mirror every morning as well as preventing the glass from cracking due to sudden changes in temperature. Make sure that the plastic bags cover the entire mirror and are tied tightly.

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  • Key Installation Tips You Need to Know for GMC Sierra 2500 HD Mirror

    Whether it is a rear view mirror or a side mirror, installing a new mirror in your GMC Sierra 2500 HD is essential in making it road-worthy. Although your vehicle can certainly run fine without it, the side and rear view mirrors enable you to see behind your ride as well as in the blind spots on the sides. Without them you will have reduced vision and awareness of the road.

    Thankfully, installing a new set of GMC Sierra 2500 HD mirrors is not really that difficult. The rear view mirror, in particular, can be as simple as sticking the base onto the windshield. In this guide, we're going to share with you some helpful tips you can use when installing a side view or a rear view mirror in your vehicle.

    Tip #1: Check the kit.

    Chances are, your brand new mirror came in as a kit, which also includes the manual and all the necessary hardware needed to mount the mirror into your vehicle. Make sure to read the manual carefully, and that all the components and hardware mentioned in the manual are all accounted for. Also, check the manual if you will also need special tools for the job. Removing the side view mirrors, in particular, might entail the need for a panel removal lever and a trim pad remover in order to minimize damage to the interior panel of the door.

    Tip #2: Paint before you mount.

    If your new mirror is unpainted and you want it to match the color of your vehicle, we recommend painting it while it is still detached from the vehicle. Aside from requiring less masking, you'll also be able to paint the mirror housing at all angles conveniently. Make sure to mask the mirror glass, electrical connectors, and the turn signal indicator if the mirror has one. Standard masking tape can be used, although painter's tape is thicker and removes easily.

    Tip #3: For stick-on rear view mirrors, make sure to prep the windshield.

    Stick-on mirrors might be easier to apply than their bolt on counterparts, but it also requires a clean surface in order to affix properly. Make sure that the area of the windshield where the mirror will be mounted is free of dust; if the mirror will be replacing an old one, clean off any remaining bits of the old adhesive before mounting the new backing. We also recommend mounting the tape between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as anything lower than that will make the tape brittle and will not hold effectively.