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GMC Sierra 2500 HD Tonneau Cover

How to Prolong the Life of Your GMC Sierra 2500 HD Tonneau Cover

The tonneau cover of your GMC Sierra 2500 HD provides you secure truck bed storage while giving your vehicle a cool and customized look. A little care and attention is all it takes for you to continuously enjoy all the benefits that this accessory has to offer. To make the most out of your GMC Sierra 2500 HD tonneau cover, here are some maintenance tips you can do:

  • Keep it free from filth using the proper cleaning supplies.

Most manufacturers recommend that you wash your tonneau cover with mild soap and cold water. Steer clear from chemical detergents that contain harsh substances to keep the cover from premature fading and weakening. You should also keep more than one set of soft cloths or sponges for scrubbing dirt off and drying up the tonneau cover. Read the manual that came with it for further washing and drying instructions that are specific to the type of cover that you have.

  • Polish and lubricate it regularly.

Applying a coat of polish over your tonneau cover will not only make it look better, but it will also protect it from the damaging effects of UV rays. Simply put a sufficient amount of the polish over the cover and rub it over the surface using a microfiber cloth. Lubricating the rails of your tonneau cover is also recommended to ensure that it slides open and closes smoothly.

  • Don't forget to inspect its mounting hardware.

The mounting hardware of your tonneau cover will eventually give in to wear and tear. It's important for you to be aware of these problems as soon as they occur so you can repair them as soon as possible. Routinely check the condition of its screws, bolts, and clamps. Make sure that everything is in its proper place. Replace missing parts or tighten up loose connections if you found any.

Visually inspecting the cover for scratches and nicks is also a good idea. Don't disregard small cuts over the surface of the tonneau cover because these may turn into big gaping holes if not tended to immediately.

  • Avoid putting heavy things over the cover.

Avoid leaving heavy things over your tonneau cover because these may cause sagging after some time. Consult its manual to find out the weight capacity of the cover before you stack up your stuff over it.

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  • Three Tips to Make Your GMC Sierra 2500 HD Tonneau Cover Installation a Lot Easier

    If you're looking for an additional secure storage for your GMC Sierra 2500 HD, getting a tonneau cover is a good way to go. With this accessory, you can load up things over your truck bed without worrying about weather elements or thieves. It's also useful for improving your truck's overall look and aerodynamic performance. Installing this accessory won't require a visit to a mechanic. You'll only need a bit of mechanical know-how and an additional pair of helping hands. Check out the following tips to for an easier GMC Sierra 2500 HD tonneau cover installation:

    Tip #1: Pre-fit it over the truck bed to make sure that it's compatible with your vehicle.

    Tonneau covers come in different types and specifications, and finding one that's compatible with your car is not really a problem. With that said, it's still not a bad idea to make sure if the one you got really fits. Carefully place the tonneau cover atop the truck bed and check for gaps or hindering components. The bed liners and rail caps of your truck shouldn't affect the fit of your tonneau cover in any way. You may also need to get in touch with its manufacturer to confirm if the one you have is indeed compatible with your truck.

    Tip #2: Double-check if you have all the installation tools you need.

    For a smooth and hassle-free installation process, it's a good idea to keep all your needed tools within arm's length. The usual tools required for this task includes screw drivers and wrenches. You should also read the installation manual that came with the tonneau cover to check for other tools you'll probably need.

    Tip #3: Ensure that you attach it securely.

    Making sure that you attach the tonneau cover securely is an important part of the installation process to ensure that it does its job of protecting your cargo from weather elements. Make sure you tighten all the mounting hardware securely to keep your tonneau cover from coming loose. If there are any gaps between the bed rail and the cover, close it up using plastic or rubber spacers.

    Another important thing you should pay attention to is the position of its rails. Make sure the two rails are properly aligned. They should also be parallel with each other to ensure that the cover will open and close smoothly.