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GMC Suburban Parts and GMC Suburban Accessories

When people talk about the longest-lived automobile nameplates in the United States, one of those which inevitably surfaces is the one called GMC Suburban. The GMC Suburban is a large sports utility vehicle best described as an all-steel suburban carryall. The GMC Suburban is also one of the largest sports utility vehicles in the market. It has a maximum seating capacity of nine.
The GMC Suburban is the brainchild of the General Motors Corporation. Introduced way back in 1936, it was a vehicle based on a commercial panel truck. Instead of having a huge, windowless cargo area, however, the vehicle possessed a large passenger compartment. Two doors as well as a two-piece tailgate adorned the exterior of the vehicle.
From 1941 to 1946, GMC Suburban parts like bullet-shaped headlights manifested themselves on the facade of the GMC Suburban. General Motors also endowed the vehicle with an inline six engine capable of generating 93 horsepower. 1947 saw the GMC Suburban having flush-mounted headlights, wider grille and passenger compartment. The Hydra-Matic automatic transmission was also introduced to the GMC Suburban around this time of its existence.
Over the years, the GMC Suburban saw many changes and innovations, most of which were made possible in order to give the vehicle an edge over its competitors. It was something General Motor succeeded in actually doing. Splendid paraphernalia like wrap-around windshields, hooded headlights, jet pods, foot-operated parking brakes and tilt steering wheels were introduced as parts of the vehicle in a succession of years. This made the GMC Suburban one of the most sophisticated sports utility vehicles in the market as far as such features are concerned.
The GMC Suburbans of today have continued to uphold the character original GMC Suburban vehicles have been known for. Although they have seen numerous face lifts and makeovers over the years, they continue to carry the essence of what a true-blue GMC Suburban should actually be.