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GMC Vent Visor

Remember those triangular vent windows that used to come standard with just about every vehicle? The popularity of power windows ensured the eventual demise of the triangular vent window, but you can realize the same benefits by installing a GMC vent visor on your car, truck or SUV. Vent windows were great for inducing air circulation when it was raining or snowing because they didn't allow the elements inside your vehicle. GMC vent visors are plastic or vinyl shields that curve over the top portion of your windows and serve the same purpose: rain, snow and insects out; fresh air in. The GMC vent visor also reduces the noise pollution that occurs when you roll your windows down by deflecting the air current away from your open windows. These easy to install additions also provide an excellent means for demisting your vehicle's interior on humid mornings and sticky summer evenings. In addition to their functionality, GMC vent visors look great mounted on your vehicle doors. In our extensive, easy-to-search online catalogue, you will find the GMC vent visor that is the perfect fit for your car, truck, or SUV. You will never pay more for your GMC vent visor than you would at an auto parts store, and you get the added convenience of delivery straight to your door. Order your new GMC vent visor any time through our toll-free telephone number or over our secure server. Whether it's spring rain, summer bugs or the snows of winter, you can keep the elements out of your vehicle's interior and still let fresh air in, even if your vehicle did not come with a triangular vent window.