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GMC Water Pump

It is never a pleasant experience when your engine overheats. One of the most common causes for an engine overheating is the failure of your GMC water pump. The job of your GMC water pump is to circulate coolant through your engine. When your GMC water pump is not working, you have a block full of rapidly heating engine coolant and nothing traveling to the radiator to cool it down. An overheated engine can lead to warped heads, blown head gaskets, and excessive wear on your vehicle. The GMC water pump directly or indirectly affects nearly all of your vehicle's systems. If your GMC water pump fails, you need to replace it right away. Short of your engine overheating, there are a few other ways to determine whether you need a new water pump. If your vehicle is leaking coolant from the pump, this means the pump is working harder than it should to move less fluid. It is better to replace a leaking GMC water pump than try to repair the leak. Another problem area you might find is the GMC water pump pulley. This pulley should be rigid and difficult to move. If the pulley on your GMC water pump moves easily, this means the bearings are worn and you should replace the pump immediately, rather than waiting for it to fail completely. You can replace a faulty GMC water pump with a high quality stock pump that meet manufacturer's guidelines from our extensive online catalogue. If you have a high performance vehicle, or you live in a climate where overheating is more likely to occur, you may even want to consider investing in a specialty GMC water pump such as a high-flow or reverse-rotation water pump.