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GMC Yukon Denali Transfer Case

How to Avoid GMC Yukon Denali Transfer Case Problems

The transfer case of a GMC Yukon Denali is vital to the four-wheel-drive capabilities of your truck. It allows you to change between a two-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive transmission with a few simple adjustments. Keep it well maintained at all times. Not only would problems on the part result to irritating noises and vibrations while driving, but you also risk damaging other parts of the truck's transmission. Avoid the high cost of buying new replacement parts because of your lack of diligence. Here are the few things you can do to keep your GMC Yukon Denali Transfer Case in good condition.

  • Drain and refill transfer case fluid.
  • Most problems of a GMC Yukon Denali Transfer Case revolve around the part running with very old lubricating fluid. This oil is responsible for keeping a layer of protection inside for smooth operation. As the fluid gets old, it loses its protective qualities and wears the components it touches. There is no filter to prevent impurities getting to the oil. It is important to mandatorily drain and refill the oil. The process doesn't really cost much and doesn't take a lot of time to do. Just remember to use the right type of transfer case fluid when you refill.

  • Check the transfer case's gear/chain and the rest of the transmission.
  • Because materials inside the case may have gotten to the oil, it is possible that these parts are also worn and in need of replacement. The major part that should be check for this is the chain or gear that's mainly responsible for sending power to the drive wheels. Other than the transfer case itself, any drive-related problem can also be pointed to the transmission itself. Check major parts like the gearbox and driveshaft to prevent potential damages.

  • Keep electricity running around the transfer case.
  • The change between a GMC Yukon Denali with an all-wheel-drive and a two-wheel-drive setup is done by electrical adjustments. Faulty wires, pins, and relays should be prevented at all costs to ensure that the switch happens smoothly and easily. For those tricky relays, refer to the car's manual for the specific locations.

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