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GMC Yukon XL 2500 Parts and GMC Yukon XL 2500 Accessories

Six Cool Stuff You Never Knew about the GMC Yukon XL 2500

  • The GMC Yukon XL 2500 is one of the few products out of GMC that isn't named after something that is truly American. It gets its name from the mighty Yukon River in Canada, and unlike other SUVs that seek to evoke the spirit of rugged adventure and travel, the Yukon is meant to convey continuous, free-flowing strength. The ironic twist is that, as powerful as the 2500 is, it cannot ford the very river it is named after-unless there's a bridge over it.

  • The great thing about this Ford SUV is that naming conventions are blessedly simple. The "XL" that is tagged onto it means exactly what you think it is-"eXtra Large". This is appropriate since it is in fact a larger version of the original 2500. The size difference is most recognized in the cargo cab which is larger by a noticeable 7%.

  • If you ever see a GMC Yukon XL 2500 parked side-by-side with a Chevrolet Suburban, you'll notice that they kind-of look alike. Don't be confused-they're exactly the same thing. In fact, the only real difference is the logo up front which will be either the Chevrolet cross or the GMC G-M-C. That's because GMC owns Chevrolet and has retained the latter's marquee for those who might simply be loyal to Chevrolet or prefer to refer to their SUVs through a single-syllable word.

  • The sight of the GMC Yukon XL 2500 might give you a slight case of deja-vu-especially if you're into police procedurals set in Las Vegas that open to The Who songs. Yes, the SUVs used by the crack team of the original CSI are GMC Yukon XL 2500. It also appears in a Britney Spears video, but we forgive it.

  • Most cars and SUVs feature in games where you get to drive and wreck them in a wholly imaginary world. The GMC Yukon XL 2500 is not one of those, surprisingly. In fact, it only seems to crop up in puzzle and trivia challenges-an odd thing considering the power and potential of these vehicles!

  • The GMC Yukon XL 2500 is the proud bearer of the distinction of having the longest running nameplate in automotive history.

GMC Yukon XL 2500 Articles

  • Top Complaints about the GMC Yukon XL 2500

    GMC has built a reputation on the quality of its trucks and SUVs, and the GMC Yukon XL 2500 is certainly up there among the ranks of some of the best SUVs ever made in America and the world. It was perfect in a sense because it could be used for both business and pleasure, and was certainly a very beefy, manly car. Since the 2500's debut in 1933-then as a station wagon-it has been the benchmark and leader in its class. It in fact holds the distinction as bearing the longest running nameplate in history. Still, it's not without its troubles. Here are the most common ones to help users have a much better experience with this American classic:

    Brake breaks-ABS

    This particular problem plagues the 2001 Yukon at around 75,000 miles. Any trouble with brakes or the braking system in general is nothing laugh about, but as far as problems goes, this one is a little more subdued than what can be expected. It is actually very difficult to detect because, in most cases, it manifests as a more difficult to press brake. There are worst case scenarios, however, wherein the failure led to serious damage to the battery-these are thankful rarer.

    The best thing is to have the ABS module checked out by the dealer. Even if they say that it's beyond the warranty and irreplaceable, aftermarket modules are always available, and they are actual great in quality and low in price.

    More brake breaks-parking

    Amazingly enough, this problem is still a fault on the 2001 Yukon XL 2500. It seems that year had a monopoly on braking problems. This one is simpler, more mechanical, and an inconvenience more than a hazard. The parking brakes on some 2500s simply wouldn't engage. Owners jerked and tugged all they wanted but the parking brake refused to keep the SUV in place. A simple trip to the dealer or even mechanic resolves this one lickety split, and shouldn't cost too much. Still, given that it's hard to keep the 2500 in place all day long, it's a problem that should be resolved as soon as it's encountered.