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GMC Yukon Tail Light

Some Tips on How to Maintain the Looks and Functionality of Your GMC Yukon Tail Light

The GMC Yukon comes with bold styling and impressive capability. It comfortably accommodates up to nine passengers, making it the perfect vehicle for family travels. This SUV also offers a suite of active safety technologies to help the driver maintain control over the vehicle, thus assuring road safety. If you want to maintain your Yukon's capability and safety on the road, you have to give it the kind of maintenance it deserves. It is also important that you keep all its safety components, including the GMC Yukon tail light, in good working condition. Below are some tips on how you can maintain the functionality and beauty of your Yukon's tail lights:

  • Be mindful of the cleaners and cleaning materials you'll use on the tail light lens.

When using commercial cleaners for your tail lights, make sure that they are safe on the materials your lights are made of. Remember that what's ideal for glass lenses may not be safe for plastic lenses. So, it pays to know first what your tail light lens is made off before purchasing a cleaner. The same goes with the cleaning, polishing, and buffing materials that you'll use. Sometimes, the cloth or applicator pads you will be using are actually the once causing scratches on the lens. That said, you have to make sure that the tools or materials you'll use when cleaning and restoring your tail lamps are friendly on their lens.

  • Deal with unsightly tail light scratches as soon as you can.

Scratches don't help but rather take away from your GMC Yukon tail light's attractiveness. If they're deep enough, they can cause moisture to seep in, therefore causing fogging on the lights and other more serious problems. So once you notice that your lights have unsightly scratches, do the necessary fix right away. Surface scratches can be eliminated by polishing and buffing while deeper ones need a more serious repair job.

  • Eliminate oxidation as soon as you can and prevent it from occurring again.

Once you notice oxidation inside your tail lights, have it remedied the soonest possible time as it can affect the quality of light emitted by the tail lights besides making them look dull. Depending on the oxidation, you can either wet-sand the lens and polish it, or you can use some commercial liquid treatments.

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  • Some GMC Yukon Tail Light Problems and the Ways to Troubleshoot Them

    Your GMC Yukon tail light set is an indicator of your road presence. It informs the drivers of the vehicles behind you that you're slowing down or coming to a halt, so they can do necessary adjustments to prevent any mishap. If your tail light starts to act up, not only will you get fix-it tickets from your state's law enforcers, but you will also put your safety at risk especially when you're driving at night. To avoid such risks, be mindful of anything unusual about your tail light's performance, and if you notice any, don't think twice in troubleshooting it right away. By diagnosing the problem you will know what's causing it and what's the proper remedy for it.

    Here are some of the common tail light problems you are likely to encounter with your GMC Yukon and the ways to troubleshoot them:

    Both lights go out

    If both of your tail lights stop working, the fuse is the right place to start your diagnosis. With your ignition turned off, locate your fuse box and inspect the fuse dedicated for the tail lights. If the piece of metal inside it is fractured or broken, your tail light's fuse is now blown and necessitates replacement. If the metal piece is intact, that means the fuse is okay, so you need to do more troubleshooting.

    This time, pay attention to the wires leading to your tail lights. If there's a loose wire, reconnect it properly and try turning the lights on. If they are still out, check the bulbs. If the tail light bulbs are out, the only solution for that is replacement. But if they seem fine, chances are, you have a more serious electrical problem in your SUV.

    Brake lights stay on

    Unlike the first issue, only a few factors account for brake lights that stay on, and among the most common ones is a bad brake light switch. It's possible that the contacts on the switch have been stuck, so it continuously supplies power to the light even though it is released. If your Yukon comes with an analog switch, you have to test for continuity between the terminals. You may need a wiring diagram for this as it will tell you which terminal to check.

    If the switch seems fine, another cause could be the failure of brake pedal to come in contact with the switch. It's also possible that the switch has slipped out of position, therefore increasing the space between the pedal and the plunger.