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Looking for a cooling system solution that would free your vehicle from overheating problems? Worry no more, because Griffin is here to tend to your radiator needs. With its wide selection of high-performance cooling systems, finding one that suits your car's requirements should be easy and hassle-free.

With years of expertise on cooling systems, Griffin still continues its commitment to producing various innovative components until now. Whether you need a complete cooling system assembly or a radiator fan, expect it to provide you with the best solutions to keep your engine cool. Getting your vehicle outfitted with a Griffin cooling system product is a good way to keep its performance on top.

Griffin Brand Articles

  • A Quick Overview of the Griffin Radiator Fan

    When it comes to keeping the vehicle running without any overheating problems, it's absolutely important to invest on a good radiator fan that's compatible with the cooling system. A radiator fan basically draws air into the radiator, helping it regulate the engine's temperature efficiently. From its specifications to its installation process, there are a lot of things to consider before buying a cooling fan for your vehicle. Luckily, Griffin offers a variety of high-performance electric radiator fans to suit every vehicle's needs. If you can't decide whether it's worth the price, here are some tips to help you out:

    What sets it apart from the others?

    Quality and efficiency—these are just some of the main reasons why the Griffin radiator fan is a very popular choice among vehicle owners. With Griffin's reputation for producing high-performance products, it's not really surprising why its radiator fan also became a hit. Compatibility is another important factor to add to its growing list of advantages. Since the Griffin radiator fan is available in several diameters ranging from 9 inch to 16 inch, finding one that suits your vehicle's exact requirements is as easy as pie. Griffin also provides a wide array of depths to choose from, making it easier for you to get a fan that properly fits the mounting space available on your engine compartment.

    Is it easy to install?

    Installing a Griffin radiator fan is totally easy. It comes with a complete set of installation hardware to help you finish the set-up process in no time. You don't have to be a professional mechanic to get it mounted on the engine compartment. With the necessary tools and a basic knowledge of automotive parts, you can get the radiator fan installed on your car at the comfort of your own home. Electrical connectors may also be bought along with the unit for a few extra bucks, which can save you from the hassles of going to an auto parts store just to get a few pieces of wiring.

  • Getting the Right Griffin Universal Combo Unit for a Particular Application

    Your car's radiator and the cooling fan works hand in hand to keep its engine from overheating. Both of these components play an important role in the overall performance of the cooling system. If the time has come for you to replace the radiator and the cooling fan of your car, why don't you consider getting a universal combo unit from Griffin instead? Griffin's universal combo unit includes both the radiator and cooling fan in one single assembly. Fitting a new performance cooling system has never been this easy. Want to know more about this product? Read on for some details below.

    Why choose a universal combo unit from Griffin?

    You may be wondering why you would want a universal combo unit from Griffin if you can buy a radiator and a cooling fan separately from different brands. The answer is quite simple. With Griffin's universal combo unit, you get a fan and a radiator that perfectly suits each other, giving your vehicle the best cooling performance that it needs. Now, finding the best radiator and cooling fan combination is made simple and hassle-free with this assembly.

    What are its features?

    A Griffin universal combo unit comes with a variety of useful features to make it perform even better. It boasts two rows of 1.25 inch or 1.50 inch custom radiator cooling tubes, which allows for better cooling capacity. Different widths and heights are also available, making it easier for you to find a unit that would seamlessly fit into your vehicle.

    When it comes to picking the right cooling fan for your vehicle's needs, Griffin lets you choose between getting a slim line fan for standard street use or a heavy duty fan to suit off-road vehicle application. With all these useful qualities bundled up in one unit, Griffin definitely made sure that its universal combo unit comes with all the best features that it has to offer.

  • What to Expect with Griffin Aluminum Radiator

    The main role of a radiator is to keep your car performing optimally by simply ensuring that the operating temperature of its engine is maintained at an allowable level. Choosing the best radiator to replace the one on your ride can be quite tricky. With its essential function, you have to make sure that you get one that can capably provide you with the best performance. If you're planning to buy from Griffin's vast array of high-quality product choices, then read on to find out more about its aluminum radiator.

    What makes it awesome?

    The primary factor that makes a Griffin radiator so appealing to various drivers is its sure compatibility with every vehicle. It's offered in exact-, universal-, and direct-fit configurations to accommodate the needs and budget of every car owner. In addition to its unquestionable compatibility, a Griffin radiator also features wider cooling tubes that are useful for efficiently cooling down larger surface areas, as well as an open fin spacing design to allow better air flow and prevent clogging.

    Where does it fit?

    Griffin is known to produce radiators that are suitable for different types of vehicles. Whether you need one for a race car, a heavy-duty truck, or a classic hot rod, you can depend on its capability to provide you with a radiator that would suit your application properly. And in case you can't find one that matches the requirements of your engine, Griffin can also custom manufacture a radiator that would fit your exact specifications perfectly.

    Is it worth the price?

    When you opt to buy a Griffin radiator, you're sure to get a high-quality product that would be beneficial to your car for a long time. Considering the savings that it may give you in the long run, a high-performance radiator from Griffin is definitely a good buy.