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Grilles are vehicle features attached at the front end of your vehicle. Usually a grille contains the brand tag of your car. Its main function, however, is to protect the inner parts of your car like the radiator from unwanted road objects such as rocks and road debris. It also allows air intake for the radiator to reduce engine heat.

More than function, grilles take your car's style a notch higher. Grilles are accessories that accentuate vehicles' looks and bring unique impressions through exotic designs. These days, especially, car owners, don't settle for what was incorporated in their vehicles. The quest to make their cars look more and more fantastic never stops, hence the continuous installation of add-ons and features to their vehicles. After all, making your car more attractive not only increases its market value in case you'd want to resell in the future. It also gives you the car owner that rewarding feeling of proud ownership.

At present, there are various types of grilles and grille assemblies to choose from in the market. Car makers and manufacturers produce specific and identifiable grilles in unique styles, materials, colors and finishes. More often than not, these grilles come with a metal or plastic insert called the stock grille insert or body color insert.